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Attendance, Absences And Holidays From School


The chart below shows very clearly the damaging effect of missing time at school.


All absences from school affect children’s progress. We aim to work with families to ensure children attend school and do not miss vital learning opportunities. If your child’s attendance falls below 95% for a 'long term' (ie the Autumn, Spring or Summer terms) you will be contacted and offered support.

Routine medical or dental appointments should be arranged for after school or during the holidays. In exceptional circumstances you may need to collect your child during the school day. If this is so, please let us know beforehand. In the interests of safety, children cannot be released from school unless accompanied by an adult. Please use the signing in/out book in the office when you collect/return your child.


According to government legislation we are required to keep a register of attendance.  To help us to comply with these regulations, please send a note or telephone the school to explain any absences your child may have.




The Department for Education regulations which came into force in Sept 2013 state:
Head Teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.’


Belmont School would interpret “exceptional” in this context as fully meeting the criteria of rare, significant, unavoidable and short. We consider the attendance over time and not simply within the current school year. This interpretation will have different parameters from one case to another but the normality will be that requests for authorised absence will be refused in order that we are able to:


  • Promote good attendance and reduce absence, including persistent absences.
  • Ensure every pupil has access to full time education to which they are entitled.
  • Act early to address patterns of absence.
  • Ensure that the parent/carer performs their legal duty by ensuring their children of compulsory school age, who are registered at school, attend regularly.
  • Ensure that all pupils are punctual arriving at school to begin their lessons.


Parents/carers are reminded that pupils have regular opportunities for holiday and that absence from school, for any reason, can have a negative impact on a child’s educational progress and potential achievement. It is the responsibility of the requesting parent/carer to evidence the exceptionality of the circumstances. Parents/carers who find themselves unable to take time off during school holidays should discuss this with their employer, not the school. For work commitments to be considered exceptional, the parent would have to be able to evidence unavoidable circumstances, which have prevented them from being with their children during school holidays.


The Headteacher may determine the number of school days that a child can be away from school, as justified by the exceptional circumstances, for non-attendance during term time.


If a child is taken out of school for a holiday that has not been authorised by the Headteacher the absence will be recorded as unauthorised absence and a Penalty Notice (a fine) may be issued.


Please Note

Children in  Year 6 will be taking Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) in the Summer Term. Requests for leave of absence will not be authorised during this period for Year 6 pupils. In Year 1, pupils have a phonics screening check in June – again, leave of absence cannot be authorised at this time.

Further information can be found in our Attendance Policy or by clicking on the link below: