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Bug Club & Junior Librarian

Bug Club

We currently subscribe to the website, 'Bug Club', where your child has the opportunity to ready a wide variety of books. They include fiction and non-fiction and books featuring some well-known characters and brands such as Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the sheep, Star Wars, Lego, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane adventures and many more!


Click on the image to go straight to Bug Club!



Using the printed books:

Your child will be able to take home ‘bug club’ books as their home reader. There are parent notes on the inside front and back cover of each book which will help you in practising high frequency words and sounds that appear in the book and also give ideas for games and discussion to help in understanding.


Using the eBooks:

If you have internet access at home your child will be able to log on whenever they wish! They can enjoy reading books on screen and complete fun quiz questions which will help them to practise their reading skills. The eBooks are also audio books, so they can enjoy hearing an expressive reading of the book.


Junior Librarian

All of the books in the library and classrooms have been catalogued to make it easier to know whether we have the book your child needs in school. You can view the catalogue of books by using the Junior Librarian website - it will tell you how many copies there are and whether they are out on loan. Your child will also be able to write book reviews and search for new books they might like to read!


To go to our catalogue, just click on the image below and enter your child's name and password.