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Star Achievers Of The Week

Maths was a focus of our Star Achiever assembly this morning, with five of our pupils demonstrating their understanding and learning in different areas of the subject. We also saw fabulous examples of learning in Art and physical development.


This week our Stars received certificates for:

EYFS - amazing physical development.

Year 1 - understanding halving well and her ability to halve different shapes.

Year 2 - his improving knowledge of 3D shapes.

Year 3 - excellent effort and care in Art.

Year 4 - his ability to manipulate fractions.

Year 5 - his fantastic understanding of fractions.

Year 6 - her determination during a Maths investigation.


Winners of the times table challenge badges were also announced:

Bronze: Charlie (Y2), Ellie, Hannah (Y6)

Silver: Sofia (Y2), Rhianna, Odilija (Y6)


We also congratulated two pupils for their swimming success out of school: William (Y1) for his Stage 1 certificate, and Kate (Y2) for swimming 10 m.


Mr Togher was proud to talk about our netball team who took part in two matches at the Priory yesterday wearing their brand new kit. Although they unfortunately lost both games, Mr Togher said that they are improving with every match and are brilliant representatives of the school.  


The children in EYFS are the front runners for Attendance winners of the term as they once again had the best attendance of the week with a fabulous 99.3%. What a great effort by everyone!