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The Belmont School Council Vision


We will make sure we are fair by listening to all pupils. We will help everyone to be friendly, healthy, happy and safe. We will work hard to encourage and inspire everyone in school. You can count on us to make a difference to our school and the world.


The School Council for 2018 - 2019 has been elected by the pupils in the school. We are pleased to let you know that our class representatives for the year are:


Fallow Class - Daniel & Bella

Elk Class - Eliyana & Kodi

Impala Class - Oskar & Sofia

Barasingha Class - Olivia & Connor

Sambar Class - Daniel & Leah

Taruca Class - Cassidy (Chair) & Evan (Vice-Chair)

Find Out What We've Been Up To!


Monday 18 March 2019

Miss Allen has informed some of the Councillors that there is a problem over football at lunchtimes as those on 2nd sitting can sometimes not play because the ball has been kicked out of the playground before they come out. The current rule is that it cannot be replaced. Olivia and Oskar spoke to Mrs Harrison about this to see if a 2nd ball can be used if this happens.


Monday 18 March 2019

The School Council presented our assembly to promote healthy snacks.


Friday 1 March 2019

Following a meeting between Mr Davidson, Cassidy, Evan, Eliyana and Kodi in February, it was decided that the School Council will present an assembly to the whole school about healthy snacks on Monday 18 March. 


Friday 11 January 2019

Mrs Nix kindly joined us today to talk about healthy snacks as we want to promote healthy eating this year. We decided to write to Mr Davidson about our plans which include completing a survey to find out favourite fruit to eat at play times which could then be sold at the snack bar.


Friday 16 November 2018 
Our first task of the meeting was to discuss the School Council Charter which we all signed. We then went on to discuss how we can encourage healthy eating at school. In particular this would be the snacks that are available to buy at play times as well as the type of snacks brought in from home as it was felt that they are not always healthy choices. It was decided that we would ask Mrs Nix to join us at our next meeting to discuss this further. It was also decided that the School Council will promote healthy eating this year.  


Friday 19 October 2018

Today was our first meeting of the year, where we discussed the School Council Vision. We all agreed upon the wording. We also elected our officers for the year. Cassidy will be Chair, Evan will be Vice-Chair and Leah and Olivia will be our Secretaries. We are really looking forward to working together this year.