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Welcome back, Year 1! 


This term, our topic is ‘Land Ahoy!’ This topic will be filled with lots of interesting history sessions about sea explorers and pirates from the past, with a particular focus on Captain James Cook. Our Art learning will tie into this too, as we are focussing on the artwork of JW Turner, an artist who loved to create sea paintings! Throughout this term, we will set some time aside from the Land Ahoy topic for Science learning in the afternoons, where we will be focussing first on plants. 


Our PE session will be on Friday afternoon. We will be taking full advantage of any lovely weather, so could you please ensure that your child has either plimsolls or trainers in their PE kits at all times. If your child wears ear-rings, could you also ensure that these are removed on Fridays or are able to be covered with plasters. 


Reading in Year 1 consists of independent reading and guided reading. The day in which your child reads with an adult may vary, so could you please ensure that they have their home reading books and reading diary in their book bag each day. Reading at home is greatly encouraged in Year 1 – this does not always have to be their reading book. Reading any form of text, which could include comic books, magazines, library books, information books etc, is extremely beneficial to your child’s progression. To show our encouragement and hope that this happens regularly, home reading is rewarded in our class! Each time you read at home with your child, please write a short entry in their reading diary. This is then checked in class and your child will be able to move their name up a step on our class reading ladder. Once your child reaches the top of the ladder, they will receive a certificate for being a fantastic home reader! 


As well as regular reading at home, the completion of homework is very important to consolidate your child’s learning. Your child will bring their creative homework task choice sheet home with them, as well as their homework book. Please note that we have changed the homework deadline to every other Friday, so your child now has a fortnight to complete a creative task of their choice. 


If you would like some extra little bits for your child to do at home, please do ask. Some parents have asked for some extra maths homework/high frequency word flashcards, etc. I am more than happy to provide these to support your child’s home learning. 


My door is always open for any queries, concerns or anything you wish to discuss so please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat any time. 


Miss Catriona MacLeod 

January 2018



The @year1belmont Twitter Page!

Please follow us and find out what we have been doing in the classroom. We currently have permission for photographs of all the children in year 1 to be published online. However, if you do not want your child to appear on the Twitter page please let us know.


If you have any worries or concerns about this please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Please click on the Twitter link above to go to our page.

Science Week

We had great fun in Science Week! We read the Gingerbread Man story and decided to test how the gingerbread would react when placed in different liquids. We tested vinegar, milk, water and cooking oil. Here we are carefully measuring out the same quantity of each liquid!

Also during Science week, we took part in the whole school Bridge Building Challenge. Working in teams we had to design and make a bridge using only paper and sticky tape. I was very impressed by how everyone worked so well together.

Designing and Testing Our Boats!

With our topic this term being ‘Land Ahoy!’, we decided that we would design and make our own boats! We used lots of different materials to make them, made a prediction and then tested their success by floating our boats in the water tray.

Making Pizzas!

We have been following instructions to make some delicious pizzas. We were very  proud of the results!

The Three Little Pigs

The children have worked extremely hard learning the story of the Three Little Pigs for our Talk for Writing sessions in English. Not only did we create story maps, the children used iPads to draw and created their own puppets to put on a show. They then moved on to Innovation when they made the story their own. In their final invention task they wrote their own stories using everything they had learned.

Here we are retelling the story as a class.


Still image for this video


The children enjoyed using chalk, paint and glitter to create some fabulous firework pictures!

Picture 1

The Great Fire Of London - Houses In Flames

The children worked hard in art making collages of the houses on fire during the Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire of London With The Partake Theatre Company

We had a great time re-enacting the Great Fire of London! With one child dressed as Charles II and another as the baker, Thomas Farriner, the children had great fun re-enacting the momentous events. They dramatised rats in the plague, made a ribbon fire, pretended to ride horses with King Charles and row boats on the river Thames.


You can find more photos in the Gallery.


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Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our Shop

We have been learning about money and have been making amounts by using different coins. The children have been using their skills to buy items from our class shop!


Still image for this video

The King's Breakfast - Talk For Writing

One of the ways in which we develop children's writing is by using ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques with them. The children learn to retell poems and stories by using actions for familiar phrases or vocabulary and we make up story maps which are quick pictorial representations of the main parts of a story. By doing this the children will build up a bank of interesting vocabulary, phrases and types of plot they can draw upon to help them with their own writing. Our first poem is The King's Breakfast by AA Milne.



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