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Welcome to Year 2,


I am really looking forward to an exciting term of fun learning and discovery.


In Year 2 we don’t expect everyone to get everything right first time – it is OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. We just expect children to try their best and never give up so they can be the best that they can be.


If you have any queries or need to speak to me, please don’t hesitate to do so.


Thank you for your support.

Mr Allsopp

Summer Term 2018



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Please follow us and find out what we have been doing in the classroom. We currently have permission for photographs of all the children in year 2 to be published online. However, if you do not want your child to appear on the Twitter page please let us know.


If you have any worries or concerns about this please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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World Cup Feast

We have had an action packed term in Year 2. The children have really enjoyed learning about different countries as part of our World Cup project and created some excellent information posters. During the last week of term they brought in samples of food eaten in their World Cup country and we thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic tasting session. Huge thanks to everyone at home who helped make the lovely food.

Sherwood Pines

After trying so hard in the Year 2 SATs the children deserved to let off some steam at Sherwood Pines. Everyone had a great time pond dipping, den building and learning about the First World War trenches that have been recreated there.


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

The Seaside

The use of similes in the stories about a trip to the seaside has been impressive - 'I felt the sand absorbing into my feet like the blood soaking into a plaster' is just one brilliant example. The children are also showing great pride in their work and it is beautifully presented. You can see a super example from Laury-Leigh below. 

The Seaside

Term 5 News

This half term we have been really busy preparing for and completing our end of year assessments. The children have worked so hard and really deserve their half-term holiday!


We have also been learning about Australia. I was really impressed with the Sydney travel guides that the children have made. The persuasive language they used was excellent.


Well done everybody!

Picture 1

George and The Dragon

We have enjoyed learning the story of George and the Dragon and the children have produced some beautifully presented narrative writing and imaginative storytelling as you can see and hear..

George and The Dragon

Picture 1

Science Week

Our class had a great time during Science Week - experimenting, predicting and coming to scientific conclusions. The children made slime (which was very messy!) and rainbow rain. They also took part in the school Bridge Building Challenge which was great fun. Well done everyone!

Picture 1

Fantastic Boat Building

Everyone had a great time taking part in the Year 2 pirate boat competition. It was a very close final and you can see the winning team below! Well done to everyone who took part - all of the boats were great!

Picture 1
Picture 2

World Book Day

All of the pencils went on strike in Year 2 this morning! We decided to write letter pleading for their return and were very grateful when they did!

Super Science!

We have been testing the absorbency of various materials. We have learnt about making predictions, planning a fair test and writing a science report. It was great fun too!

Picture 1

Sequencing 'The Polar Express'

For our next Talk for Writing task we are sequencing the story of the Polar Express. Not as easy as it looks!

Picture 1

Talk For Writing - The Manchester Ridgeback

We have been using the text 'The Manchester Ridgeback' to produce our own information texts about The Flash Dragon. An impressive piece of writing from Y2!  Listen to a superb example below.

The Flash Dragon

Picture 1

Learning About Arrays

Year 2 have really enjoyed developing their multiplications skills this term by learning how to use arrays.

Picture 1

Autumn Trees

I am really impressed by the art skills shown by the class. The children's patience and attention to detail really paid off!

Picture 1

Fireworks Poetry

I have been so impressed by the poems written by the children.  You can read and hear a great example below which contains some super similes and alliteration:

Whoosh! Fizz! Bang! Goes a rocket.                             

Hold your breath.










    Oh jolly good, children screaming.

    It is so deafening.

    The rocket has streams of sparks everywhere in a trail.

    The rocket is exploding like a volcano.

    Children are excited to do their sparklers.

    Waving them around like glistening gold.

    Remember, remember the 5th of November.

A Fireworks Poem


Look at the amazing robots the Year 2s have made from recycled materials over the holiday.

Partake Theatre Company

We had a great time re-enacting the Great Fire of London! With one child dressed as Charles II and another as the baker, Thomas Farriner, the children had great fun re-enacting the momentous events. They dramatised rats in the plague, made a ribbon fire, pretended to ride horses with King Charles and row boats on the river Thames.


You can find more photos in the Gallery.

The Great Fire Of London

I was so impressed by the work Hector has done at home about the Great Fire of London, our topic this term. Well done Hector!

Picture 1
Picture 2

DigiDog and DigiPup

We are so excited that DigiDog and DigiPup have joined Year 2 to help us with our e-safety learning this year. In class we will talking about the things we should teach DigiPup before we let him go online, and every weekend one of the children from the class will be able to take DigiPup home. We would like the children to talk with their family about how they can have fun online and what's okay and what's not okay to do on the internet. They can also write a DigiPup diary or story to tell us what happened when they took him home and how they made sure he stayed happy and safe.


You can read two super diary entries below.

Picture 1
Picture 2



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