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Welcome to the Year 2 Page!

Welcome to Year 2,


I am really looking forward to an exciting term of fun learning and discovery.


In Year 2 we don’t expect everyone to get everything right first time – it is OK to make mistakes as long as we learn from them. We just expect children to try their best and never give up so they can be the best that they can be.


This term we will be learning all about London. Firstly, we will find out about London today, learning about the famous buildings and comparing life in a big city to life in Grantham. We will then move back in time and learn about the Great Fire of London, First of all we will look at a time line of events and then we will investigate what helped the fire to spread so easily. The children will be reading extracts from the diary of Samuel Pepys to help them to answer questions about the fire.


In maths this term we will be covering place value, counting in two, fives and tens, reading and writing numbers, simple fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, recognising coins and giving change. Every Friday children will be completing a times table challenge. It would be really helpful if you could support your child to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


In English this term we will be using ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak to learn how to become amazing storytellers. We will also be learning about diary writing using Samuel Pepys diary to help us.


If you have any queries or need to speak to me, please don’t hesitate to do so.


Thank you for your support.

Mr Allsopp

September 2017

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If you have any worries or concerns about this please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Fireworks Poetry

I have been so impressed by the poems written by the children.  You can read and hear a great example below which contains some super similes and alliteration:

Whoosh! Fizz! Bang! Goes a rocket.                             

Hold your breath.










    Oh jolly good, children screaming.

    It is so deafening.

    The rocket has streams of sparks everywhere in a trail.

    The rocket is exploding like a volcano.

    Children are excited to do their sparklers.

    Waving them around like glistening gold.

    Remember, remember the 5th of November.

A Fireworks Poem


Look at the amazing robots the Year 2s have made from recycled materials over the holiday.

Partake Theatre Company

We had a great time re-enacting the Great Fire of London! With one child dressed as Charles II and another as the baker, Thomas Farriner, the children had great fun re-enacting the momentous events. They dramatised rats in the plague, made a ribbon fire, pretended to ride horses with King Charles and row boats on the river Thames.


You can find more photos in the Gallery.

The Great Fire Of London

I was so impressed by the work Hector has done at home about the Great Fire of London, our topic this term. Well done Hector!

Picture 1
Picture 2

DigiDog and DigiPup

We are so excited that DigiDog and DigiPup have joined Year 2 to help us with our e-safety learning this year. In class we will talking about the things we should teach DigiPup before we let him go online, and every weekend one of the children from the class will be able to take DigiPup home. We would like the children to talk with their family about how they can have fun online and what's okay and what's not okay to do on the internet. They can also write a DigiPup diary or story to tell us what happened when they took him home and how they made sure he stayed happy and safe.


You can read two super diary entries below.

Picture 1
Picture 2

2016 -2017

Pirate Movies

Earlier this term the children wrote some fabulous pirate stories which we decided to turn into movies! After drawing pictures to go alongside their stories they used iMovie on the iPads to create some brilliant films. You can see a super example below.

Pirate Roza

Still image for this video
Published with permission.


Following on from our visit to Sherwood Pines recently, the children have created some fabulous e-books!

Sherwood Pines by Delaney

Still image for this video

Sherwood Pines by Roza

Still image for this video

Sherwood Pines

Despite the rainy weather we had a great day at Sherwood Pines! In the morning we went pond dipping to find mini beasts which the children then had to identify. After lunch thy worked in teams to build shelters. We had great fun finding out whether they were waterproof! More photos can be found in the Gallery.


The children had the opportunity to see and handle a variety of creatures recently when ZooLab visited Belmont as part of our science week! They were able to hold a fabulous corn snake and giant snail and look closely at a toad, rat and even a tarantula! They all had a great time learning about the different creatures and asked lots of questions.

World Book Day

There were some fabulous outfits on World Book Day! After a very busy morning, the children were excited when Mr Grossmith came and read them a story during the afternoon. They then had the chance to read with other children from all different classes and they really enjoyed spending time sharing books. The atmosphere in the classroom was wonderful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Joseph's Coat

As part of their work in SMSC, the children have been exploring the British Value of tolerance using the Christian story of Joseph's Coat. After creating their own fabulous coloured coats they thought about how our actions make us and others feel. They then took part in a Conscience Corridor to experience jealousy and kindness.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Anti-Bullying Week Activities

During the recent Anti-Bullying Week we did lots of activities where we talked about friendships and our similarities and differences. The children took part in a circle time to discuss how they felt when people were unkind to them. They then spent some playtimes playing with a new friend which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Road Safety Walk

As part of our learning on how to keep safe, the children had the opportunity to walk round the local area with Sara Bartlett, the road safety advisor for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. Harrowby Lane is extremely busy, so they talked about a safe place to cross and used the zebra crossing. The children then practised crossing a quiet road always remembering to listen and look all around for traffic. More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Making Soup!

As part of our topic on plants we have been learning which ones are safe to eat and how they keep us healthy. We decided to make some vegetable soup which involved lots of chopping and grating and tasted delicious!

Paralympic Sports

We were very lucky to have a visit from Carl Blackman from Inspire+ who came in to show the children some Paralympic sports. To experience what you can play if you cannot see, the children in Year 2 played a sensory game using a special ball which had finger holes and a bell inside. Wearing blindfolds they sat very quietly in a circle and had to point to and catch the ball as it was rolled around the space. The children thoroughly enjoyed the game and had great fun!