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Welcome to the Year 5 page! 


“A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit!”


Welcome to Year 5, a new chapter of primary school. This is your year to shine.


Join with me on our year of discovery; a year of exciting opportunities, rewarding experiences and challenge. Each day we will strive to be the best we can possibly be by making the most of every opportunity. By remaining resilient, resourceful and reflective we shall grow together as life-long learners.


In our class you will be expected to work hard but in return, you will be rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take you onto your next adventure.


I look forward to welcoming you and your parents to Year 5 and working with you throughout the year. Let’s take our first step on what will be a year to remember … let’s get cracking!


Mr G

September 2017

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2016 - 2017

The Barn Owl

Inspired by our work in class, Keal has been writing poetry at home too.

The Stranger

Everyone has been working extremely hard on improving their writing and I was very impressed by the atmosphere built up in 'The Stranger' by Coleby.

Fun At PGL

Jessica, Keal and Lily remember the fun time at PGL.

The Beatles In The Style Of Andy Warhol

The children have worked incredibly hard this term learning about the work of pop artist Andy Warhol. We have linked this to our topic about the Beatles to create some fabulous paintings.


Millie T explains how the paintings were created:

"When we first started to find out about Andy Warhol we had to research him and make a slide show. When they were finished we showed them to the class. They looked really good. Then we started to learn about his different styles of painting. Our first piece of art was with pastels. Mr Togher told us how to use it but let us find our own styles. We had a practice version to find the colours we wanted (we were only allowed four on each), then a real one. 


The next piece was collage, where you have strips of paper then you cut them into different shapes and stick them round the picture to leave no white bits on the page. We did it around an image of Micky Mouse and it took quite a while as it was fiddly. We then wrote an evaluation of the two pieces.


The last piece we did was draw, trace and paint The Beatles, our topic this term. First we used the iPads to pick a picture of The Beatles, then traced it onto a plain piece of paper, copied it and coloured them in to practice the colours we wanted on our painted one. The next thing was to paint an A3 copy that Mr Togher printed. We had two copies and painted them bright colours and made them look normal but different in a way.


I really enjoyed this art, it was really fun."

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Year 5 Learning Celebration

Everyone was very proud to show off their Home Studies at our recent Learning Celebration. Based on our Viking topic, the completed projects were of a very high standard - well done everyone!


You can find photos of the projects in the Gallery.

PGL Residential

We all had a great time at PGL and you can find more photos in the Gallery. The children who did not come with us created a fabulous Theme Park, along with leaflets and a PowerPoint. Well done to everyone!

World Book Day

There were some fabulous outfits on World Book Day! After a very busy morning, the children were excited when Mrs Pallier came and read them a story during the afternoon. They then had the chance to read with other children from all different classes and they really enjoyed spending time sharing books. The atmosphere in the classroom was wonderful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The Sea

One of the ways in which we are developing writing this year is by using ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques. The children are learning to recite poetry by heart by using actions for phrases or vocabulary and making poetry 'maps' which are quick pictorial representations of the lines in the poem. By doing this the children will build up a bank of interesting vocabulary and phrases they can draw upon to help them with their own writing. Our first attempt was the poem 'The Sea' - they all did a great job!

The Sea

Still image for this video

A Class Recount Of Our Viking Activity Day

Today we took part in lots of activities about Vikings. We created long boats by following instructions to cut and stick the boat in the right place and order. As well as this, we made our own Viking shields, which were round just like those of the Vikings. Thirdly, we completed some research about Viking life and made a poster or wrote a paragraph about what we found. Finally, we had the opportunity to design our own Viking broach and build a Viking helmet, with instructions.

Anti-Bullying Week - The Mannequin Challenge, by Jessica

At the end of Anti-bullying Week in November, Year 5 did a mannequin challenge - actually we did it twice! The first one we did was about how bullying can happen and the different types of bullying there are, so our challenge was to show us bullying someone. Then we did the opposite and showed people being kind and how to deal with bullying and stop it.


It was fun and hard. We learnt about different types of bullying and how to solve it. NEVER BULLY!

Science With Mr Davidson From The Priory

The children have been excited to be taught science by Mr Davidson from the Priory this term. They have had the opportunity to use microscopes and discover how chemicals react together - great fun and requiring great teamwork!

Find out more from Odilija and Niamh:

"On day one, we used a microscope to see what is inside an onion cell. First, we were given an onion and we used a special knife to get an onion cell. Next we put it on a large piece of glass. After that, we put some special oil on it and put a very thin piece of glass on top. Then we looked though a microscope to see what the onion cell looked like.


On day two, it was too hard to not rip the jelly in the dish and, not to mix up the mixture. Also not to spill anything on the floor. We had to stand up if anything happened so we could move away quickly.


On day three we had, as a team, to make different liquid colours. We had to be resilient to get a great colour - we had to have good measurements and be accurate to get it just right."

BY Odilija and Niamh.  


Creative Writing

I have been very impressed by the quality of the creative writing in class this term. You can hear a fabulous example below.

The Character Strikes Back Part 2

"I left the library and walked along the pavement. When I turned around the corner I saw him, glaring into my eyes like a python staring at a mouse ..."

Space Home Studies

We have thoroughly enjoyed our science topic this term, 'Is there anybody out there?' and I am delighted by the Home Studies brought in to school this week. The children have worked very hard creating models and writing super reports and timelines which they then presented to the class. Thank you to everyone who helped at home! More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 5
Picture 6


The class have worked really hard together in groups to compose some great percussive music. You can see an example below that was performed in a recent Star Achievers assembly.


Still image for this video

Edina Bulb Project

We are very excited to be involved in the Edina Trust Bulb Project, which is a long running climate change investigation involving hundreds of schools around the country. It is a real, live experiment where we will contribute to the final result; there are no known outcomes and no ‘right’ answers. We planted Daffodil and Crocus bulbs in pots, with each child taking responsibility for their own pot. We also planted bulbs in the ground near the Wildlife Area so comparisons with the potted bulbs can be made.


The children will be responsible for recording weather conditions and measuring the growth of the bulbs over the next few months. This information will then be uploaded to the Trust website.


As you can see from the photos below, we thoroughly enjoyed decorating the pots and preparing the ground for the planting. More photos can be found in the Gallery.


Ancient Greek Pottery

As part of our work on Ancient Greece, the children have created their own pottery. They began by designing their piece on paper and then used clay to create some of the great examples below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Science Extravaganza!

We all had a great time at the Priory Ruskin Science Extravaganza! The children had the opportunity to learn more about biology, physics and chemistry whilst taking part in fun activities. I was really proud of how the children were so keen to find out more about science and how they worked together to complete some fantastic experiments. Here are some of their comments:

"Working with air pressure was cool!" - Millie T

"The egg crash was fun!" - Hayley

"It looks like I've found my favourite subject!" - Akvile

More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Paralympic Sport

We were very lucky to be visited by Carl from Inspire+ recently who introduced the children to Paralympic sport. Lacey and Rhianna have written a report on what they learnt:

"The Paralympics is for disabled people, for example those who have lost legs or arms. Carl told us all about the different disability sports and how they are different to the standard game. Next we were given balloons and put in groups of four. We had to sit on the floor whilst keeping the balloon up in the air for as long as we could. The game was called Seated Volleyball. We were then put in a bigger group and another balloon was added. We weren't allowed off our bottoms and if we did we had to restart the points again. The rules were that the balloon wasn't allowed to touch the floor and someone different had to touch the balloon each time. This meant we had to work hard with each other by listening and communicating.

We learnt not just about the Paralympics but that it doesn't matter if you're different; to show respect to everyone and the importance of working together."