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Year 6 Art

Year 6 worked collaboratively, under the guidance of Mr Harris, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Kemp, to produce artwork that held a message about the values that we hold at Belmont.  As you can see from the images they use many different ways to express their feelings about the school and have, in addition to the art, written some short pieces of narrative to accompany them.

Belmont Castle

We decided to put Belmont in the middle because we are proud to be in team Belmont. We decided to do sunrise because of the bright colour and it shows that we shine through no matter how our day has been. We decided to do a castle/tower as not far from here there is a tower called Belmont Tower. We put a sheep den as Belmont Tower is surrounded by sheep!!! We put two people at the bottom holding a book because it shows that you need to be kind and help people and to show that there is always someone there to help you when you are stuck. We put bright colours to show that Belmont is a bright and happy place to be in. We put Belmont in different colours and patterns to show that sometimes this place can be crazy but we also work really hard.




The Beautiful Mess

Where the friendly mystical folk frolic in the misty bitterness that is Belmont lies a dark secret. Though the dull silver skies are sorrow and the clouds are wilting, the happiness lives on. The witty dancing bookworm (that goes by the name Charlie) tells everyone his magical adventure stories that lie inside him as they all listen attentively. From the small insect of an ant to a large fearsome grizzly bear, they are all treated as one, everyone is of the same importance. No matter where you come from or who you are, Belmont is your home and it will always be.




The Brain Of 4 Psycho Kids

The rainbow, sky and cloud represent that no matter the weather we’re always cheerful. The two reindeer having a picnic are the two school mascots. On the top which has the Earth and the people holding hands represent harmony in the school and the world. Charlie the bookworm means the amazing ideas people in Belmont have.

My First Day

On my first day here at Belmont I came in at year two and I ended up never going into year one because in Portugal you only go into year one when you are six. I remember that I couldn’t understand a single word people were saying so I would sit in the book corner by myself and everybody would just stare at me because I didn’t respond to them.




Pop Art

Today we produced a big piece of pop art. We put smiley faces, Faith and Hope on ours because that is what Belmont stands for. All of the bright colours show that everyone respects every child’s contribution.


Our Piece Of Belmont Art

It started with Lewis and I creating the piece of art which has 4 sections on it. Then Danielle and Kayleigh joined us to help give us ideas. We took a section each. My section was about representatives, Danielle’s was about the trips we have been on, Lewis’ was about music and Kayleigh’s was about sports and clubs. When I look at our piece of art it makes me feel proud to be part of Team Belmont, so I put the colour system, Derek and the mutant smiley reindeer on it. The we decided to put the word Belmont in the middle to show that we love being part of Team Belmont.





Our picture is about how sometimes we can be neat but messy and about our creativity and enthusiasm towards school.

Our handprints belong to the people who made the art

Green = Ruby

Yellow = Alex

Blue = Dakota

Red = Grace


The little stick people are Team Belmont. Team Belmont means a lot to me. When we were made to help other people around the class room I found that not a lot of people were expressing their creativity as much as they could.


Mr Davidson first saw ours and said, “That is really creative and graffiti like!”


Mr Harris was giving us loads of ideas to cover up the white, we didn’t want to add or change because we liked it the way it was.


Belmont is a good school. The bad thing about year 6 is that Mr Wallace and Mr Harris sometimes try to make jokes but fail every time. I feel like we could maybe do more music with guitars and drums.




My School

My school is very ambitious

When I meet my friends we buzz like bees.

Everybody at my school has courage,

We want to achieve the thing that we desire.

Everybody at my school is equal;

The teachers at my school are very friendly.

My school holds loads of fun and games.


One of the school’s values is hope.

Even though we work as a team everybody is independent.

My school is full of joy.


The second value is kindness;

The work we do everyone loves.

My school is full of membership.

All of the children are very nice.

Everyone is obedient,

All the members of my school persevere,

When we listen is class everyone is quiet.


The third value is respect;

Everyone at my school keeps smiling.

My school is full of team work,

No matter what, everyone is unanimous.

Everybody likes to volunteer.

Everybody gets on with their work,

Everybody scans their work like x-rays.

When we go onto the playground everybody yells.

On sports day we all like to finish with a zoom!




Team Belmont

Our piece of art is to represent Belmont School. On part of the art we wrote 3 words, which were harmony, respect and friendship. I didn’t know what to expect at first but my group had an idea to cover the mistakes we made along the way.


The people around the world means friendship. The colours mean that we are a colourful school. The hands also mean friendship.

Belmont, although a generally happy place, is somewhat blighted by the teachers’ cruel attempts at humour!