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Welcome to Year 6!

I hope to see you at our 'Meet the teacher' meeting on Wednesday 13 September after school. News about our exciting new term will be published here on our class page very soon!


Mrs Blackburn

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2016 -2017

"Do You Remember The First Time?"
End Of Term Fun

Through The Bars


Listen to a very powerful and poignant piece of writing by Lucas.

Ultimate Frisbee!

"This term in PE we have been playing a game called Ultimate Frisbee and we have been learning how to make passes and checking. We have learned the pancake catch and the backhand throw. One of the photos below shows us using the backhand throw."

Alfie and Elijah

Making A Shaduf

The children have used Bushcraft skills in Technology this term. They have learned to tie sticks together using square lashing and have created stable structures. Each group began making tripods, which were then developed into towers. Everyone tried hard to create the tallest, most stable example. Once these skills were refined, each group designed and made an Egyptian shaduf to help irrigate crops - just like Egyptian farmers would have done 4000 years ago! 

Celebration Time!

After working incredibly hard this term and in particular during SATs week, we all enjoyed our celebratory meal together in the classroom!

World Book Day

There were some fabulous outfits on World Book Day! After a very busy morning, 'Little Miss Bossy' (aka Mrs Allen) came and read a story during the afternoon - great fun! They then had the chance to read with other children from all different classes and they really enjoyed spending time sharing books. The atmosphere in the classroom was wonderful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Egyptian Dance

Still image for this video

Ancient Egypt

As part of our work on Tutankhamun, Partake visited us for the day. We have explored the spices of the Pharaohs and their weird and wonderful uses! We also examined a range of Egyptian artefacts and learned about their significance in everyday life. The highlight of our day was our re-enactment of an Egyptian burial ceremony- it was very realistic, just as if we had stepped back in time!

Picture 1
Picture 2

International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, the class spent the day at Grantham College recently. We had a great day and the children had the opportunity to tour the college and find out about the achievements of famous women.

What Is Faith?

We have been exploring the question “What is Faith?” Shaima came in to explain the importance of faith in her life. As a Muslim, every day is influenced by the Five Pillars; Sawm, Salah, Shahda, Zokah and Hajj. This made us think about what faith means to us. Some children thought faith resembled a torch, as its brightness allowed us to see into the unknown. As a compass, it showed us the correct path enabling us to find our way if we were lost. This question certainly made us think!

Picture 1
Picture 2


After reading “Night of the Gargoyles” by David Weisner, we have designed and made our own gargoyles in clay. We have learned to mould, form and join the clay using slip. What a very scary display these will produce!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Magwitch And The Phoenix

Recently we have been using film clips to inspire our writing; thinking about the characters, their actions and motivations and the worlds in which they exist. Below you can find examples written about Pip meeting the terrifying Magwitch in Great Expectations and Kay witnessing the appearance of the Phoenix in the Box of Delights.



The wind brushed past my face, trying to push me back. I wouldn’t let it. I had to fight it. The crows screeched in my ears warning me to go back. I heard my footsteps pounding on the ground leading to the graveyard where my parents lay. High above me, the trees cracked their fingers in the icy wind.


I had to go and see them. I carried flowers with me to the graveyard, keeping my promise. My promise to pay my respects to them as often as I could.


My heart told me to go into the graveyard but my brain told me not to. I grabbed onto the tree branch then pulled myself up onto the crumbly bricks. Strangely I felt accompanied by a ghost or spirit but I wasn’t afraid.


The trees spread their branches across the sky as if shading the sky from the moonlight, full of guilt. He looked down at the gravestone. He couldn’t help not to think it was all his fault. He kneeled to pay his respects. He looked up, staring into the distance. He saw something. Something was in the distance, lurking in the shadows, something was there. He realised he was not alone. He could hear footsteps approaching him. He knew what to do, he ran. Without hesitation a hand grabbed his mouth stopping his piercing scream. It was a man, what did he want?


He was a giant; his swollen, lone eye pierced right through my body and into my thoughts. He sniffled and twitched. His bulbous nose was the first thing my eyes focused on. He waited for me to move but I couldn’t. I stopped and did nothing. A horrible scented fluid dripped down his face. What did he want with me?


Scared, my mind began to play tricks on me. My heart dropped and shivers sliced through the heart of my spine. My legs turned to jelly. I couldn’t move a muscle.



The Phoenix

With no time to waste, I galloped down the steep, stone stairway through the alley. Stock still, I thought to myself, “Where could she be?”


Looking back, I turned to see the old woman with the ruby ring. It sparkled and glimmered brightly against the shadows of the night. Silently, the shadows lurked waiting to grab me as I jogged down the snowy path. Peeking through the window, I tried to seek the old man.


Surreptitiously, I opened the door to see him sitting down before the fire. Meanwhile, my guardians were at home. I was out searching for this man, the man who at this very moment was clenching a small box of delights in a partially gloved hand. Curious, I looked at the box, trying to find a way to peek inside. The fire burned, it was nice and cosy here. I wanted to see if he would perform a trick for me.


The hand clutched onto the small box. He opened it. As he did so, the box revealed a bright golden light. I couldn’t open my eyes. It was too bright – it blinded me. The flames of the fire formed a head. A head of a beautiful bird. Amazed I rubbed my eyes to see if it was real. It was. The flames suddenly transferred into a Phoenix. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was real.





Last term I introduced the children to POP lacrosse, a junior version of the game. They have developed their throwing and catching skills with a lacrosse stick. and have played a series of small games. We have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and they have performed well.  This is a new and exciting sport, something the children have never experienced before. I asked the class to write an evaluation of their experience and you can read a great example by Henley below:



Pop lacrosse is the lacrosse game for primary schools. It is a non-contact version of lacrosse which uses inexpensive plastic-headed sticks and oversized lacrosse balls. It is a fast paced team game where throwing and catching skills are put to the test. It is an amazing game to play.


This term we have been looking at lacrosse in PE. We have been looking how to catch, cradle and throw the ball both underarm and overarm and on the move. We have learnt how to defend, attack and score goals and work as a proficient team.


I feel I have become a more confident player because I’ve got better at communicating and throwing, catching as well as working as a team. I’ve also used similar skills in football and lacrosse; like marking and getting into space.


I would recommend this game. This is because it’s a really fun and amazing game to play when you have some spare time or bored. It is a good sport and if you don’t like rugby or football you could try lacrosse because it is really good.


Castleton Residential

We had the opportunity to explore part of the Peak District during our recent residential visit to Castleton. During our stay we carried out a series of history and geography activities. As Roman soldiers the children developed the necessary skills and tactics to defeat the vicious Celts. Their siege engines proved very effective! Accompanied by glorious weather, the children really enjoyed their 'three rocks walk' where they discovered many different sea creatures, a red river, the secrets behind two mysterious circles and a road that decided to slide down the mountainside! The highlight of the visit was undoubtedly the exploration of the Treak Cliff Cavern where the children discovered the origins of the Blue John mining in the area. Everyone had a great time, but were really tired with all that walking!


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Picture 1

Descriptive Writing

We've had a super first week in class!  In English, we have been working on descriptive writing with a focus on building a picture in the reader's mind. Using an OSIE grid, Word Waiter and questioning, the children have produced some great descriptions. Examples from  Daniel and Mackenzie are below:


The Door

'Silence flickers dangerously as creaky floorboards bite their nails in fear. Golden hinges are listening nervously for the danger that creeps closer. The rhythm of the ticking clock thumps stealthily.'


'Who opened this door? How come it's so dark? Is it safe for me to enter? Shadows are murmuring, I hear a piercing noise. I want to get out but I cannot find the key. Pitch black darkness drips evilly across the room as the truck pulls into the drive. Enraged, I growl and walk away. Still I try to find the key. I must get away.'