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Applications For Grammar School September 2021

June 2020 Update

It has been announced that the dates for 11+ tests due to take place in September have been changed. Please see the document below for further details.


To support your child, free practice papers have been made available online which can been downloaded HERE. All of the instructions for parents can be found in the Parents Guides. It is suggested that children should do practice tests under timed conditions as familiarisation is very important. Doing the same test again a week or so apart is a useful activity as whilst children may remember some of the questions, the key thing is to practice answering questions within a strict time frame.

Grammar School Admissions September 2021

Key dates for the admission to Grammar Schools in September 2021 are as follows:


Information re 11+ arrangements distributed by Primary Schools January 2020
Online registration deadline 31 March 2020
First 11+ test (Verbal Reasoning) 18/19 September 2020 - new date
Second 11+ test (Non-Verbal Reasoning) 25/26 September 2020 - new date
Posting date for results to parents To be confirmed
Closing date for Lincolnshire Local Authority applications 31 October 2020
Allocation of places by Local Authority 1 March 2021
Follow up letter from Grammar Schools 2 March 2021 (posting date)