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Barasingha Class Home Learning

Hello everyone. Here you will find copies of the Learning Projects and the letters we send home via ParentMail. We hope you find it useful to have them all in one place!


We ask that you encourage your child to read every day - we regularly update the books on EPIC. The recommended reading for your child is in the mailbox at the top of their page when they are logged into the site. It will link to topics or texts to their level. They can access texts they want to read of course, but they should be read alongside the recommended texts. These may not be a usual book your child might go for, or one they are interested in at the moment, but they should still be read for the reasons above. 


Finally, we would urge you to check out our school Twitter pages regularly as there are frequent postings of challenges and activities on there that you and your child may enjoy. If you need any further information we can be contacted at or

01.06.20 - Home Learning Week 8
25.05.2020 - Half Term
18.05.20 - Home Learning Week 7
11.05.20 - Home Learning Week 6
04.05.20 - Home Learning Week 5
27.04.20 - Home Learning Week 4
20.04.20 - Home Learning Week 3
30.03.20 - Home Learning Week 2
23.03.20 - Home Learning Week 1