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Charging And Remission

All schools are required to have a policy towards Charging and Remission for activities that take place in and out of school hours. Where activities take place during school session time, parents are invited to make voluntary contributions towards the total cost. Such activities would include swimming lessons, class outings, day visits and any group of visiting actors, musicians, etc. We do not discriminate between those families who are willing to make a voluntary contribution and those who cannot. However, no additional funding is available to the school to compensate for any large shortfall between the actual cost of an activity and the amount of the voluntary contributions. If insufficient voluntary contributions are made, we would have to cancel any proposed activities. However, due to parental support we have never had to do this.


Admission and Education

No charge is made in connection with admission to the school. Education provided by the school is free of charge if it takes place wholly or mainly during school hours or is required by the National Curriculum. The lunch hour is not considered to fall within school hours.


Permitted Charges 

The following are permitted charges:


  • Board and lodgings on residential visits  Except for parents/carers on certain benefits - see below.


  • Costs of lost and destroyed school property and breakages  Where this is the result of a pupil’s behaviour.


  • Optional extras  Provided outside school hours (or mainly outside school hours). Charges will not exceed the actual cost of the provision and parents/carers must agree to their child receiving the optional extra. 


  • Individual instrumental or vocal tuition  A charge may be made: where this is over and above the requirments of the National Curriculum and/or an approved examination syllabus; where this takes place during the school day and is subject to the parent/carer requesting the tuition.


  • Transport  Transport to and from home/school to any activity not provided by, but permitted by, the school or Local Authority.


In all cases where a permitted charge is likely to be made, parents/carers are told the amount in advance. We have also established a system for parents to pay in instalments.



In order to remove financial barriers from disadvantaged pupils, the Governing Body has agreed that some activities and visits where charges can legally be made may be offered at no charge or a reduced charge to parents in particular circumstances.


  • Individual instrumental or vocal tuition Children in the care of the Local Authority are entitled to free tuition.


  • Residential Visits If a parent is in receipt of prescribed benefits or allowances, their child is entitled to free board and lodging on a residential visit. The prescribed benefits are:
    o Income support
    o Income-based Jobseekers’s Allowance
    o Support under Part V1 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
    o Employment and Support Allowance (income related)
    o Child Tax Credit, provided the parent is not entitled to Working Tax Credit and their annual income does not exceed £16,190 (April 2010)

     o Guaranteed State Pension Credit



The school follows Lincolnshire County Council guidelines with regard to lettings. Please contact the school office for further information.