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A Welcoming Community - The Windrush Generation

Last term, Mr Davidson's Monday assemblies were on the theme of 'A Welcoming Community'. The children thought about how they felt when joining Belmont and how they in turn make others feel welcome. In the final assembly, Mr Davidson spoke about a period after World War II, when people from Caribbean countries were encouraged to come to the UK - the 'Windrush Generation' - and what happened when they arrived here.


Encouraged to leave their homes with the promise of a better life in the UK, thousands travelled from places such as Jamaica and Trinidad. Often leaving their families behind until they had established a home, they became vital members of our communities; working in areas as diverse as transport, manufacturing and the NHS. The children listened to a story, 'Coming To England', written by Baroness Floella Benjamin, who travelled from Trinidad in 1960 as a ten year old, with her 3 brothers and sisters. In it, she describes how it felt to leave her home and come to a new country. She writes of how it was difficult at first to feel accepted, but how little by little, it began to feel like home. Her story was read as a bedtime story on CBeebies by historian and presenter David Olusoga to mark the start of Black History Month. You can find out more about Floella's experience by clicking HERE (link is to a British Library article). 


As we reflected on how we can make everyone feel welcome to our school, we all agreed:


"We're part of a community.
Our strength is our diversity.
A shelter from adversity.
All are welcome here."