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Barnabas In Schools RE Day

During our RE week last term, Jane from came to spend the day with us. She led a special assembly for the whole school and then worked with each class during the day.


At the beginning of the assembly, she asked us if we had met anyone who was famous. Lots of us said Warwick Davis who came to visit before Christmas. She then asked us if we had met an important person, which was harder to answer.  Her last question to us was, if you are famous are you important?


Jane then chose five volunteers to stand at the front of the hall and showed them a box with the letters VIP on it. She told us that inside the box was someone very important. Each person at the front looked inside the box and agreed someone was in there. When asked who it was, each person said it was them! The box contained a mirror and each person had seen themselves in it. Jane told us that every one of us is important, and everyone should be treated with respect and show responsibility to one another.


During the day, each class learned stories from the Bible such as Jonah and the Whale, with activities linked to respect, responsibility and resilience. We had great fun acting out the stories.


Iona & Ashlin