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End Of Day Arrangements - Keeping Our Children Safe

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the end of day arrangements in light of our drive to ensure the safeguarding of our pupils is as robust and rigorous as possible. In previous years, the children in Key Stage 2 have walked through the school to meet parents on the Key Stage 1 playground. As the number of children wanting to do this has increased and due to the presence of potential hazards being in school at the end of the day, for example cleaning equipment, we are asking that they are now collected from their assigned exit. This will ensure that the handover of the younger children to their parents/carers on the infant playground is not made more complicated due to the presence of extra Key Stage 2 children - as I am sure you will agree this will enable the staff to ensure greater safety for the younger children at point of handover.


The school day is designed with this in mind. Key Stage 1 finish at 3:15 pm and Key Stage 2 finish 5 minutes later, at 3:20 pm to accommodate for parents collecting from two separate exits. Staff will be aware of this and, if a child has a sibling at school, will be mindful when waiting for parents to arrive. For children in Year 5 and 6, parents are also able to complete a walking home form which will allow children to leave the school premises without being collected by a parent.


From Monday 5 November 2018, the end of day arrangements will be as follows:


Key Stage Exit Time
EYFS (Reception) EYFS Entrance 3:15 pm
Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) Door onto Key Stage 1 playground 3:15 pm
Key Stage 2 (Year 3,4, 5 and 6 Key Stage 2 gate 3:20 pm


Many thanks.

Matthew Davidson