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Feeling Confident With Lizzie Simmonds Today!

We were very excited to welcome Inspire+ Operations Manager, Chris Graves and double Olympian swimmer Lizzie Simmonds to Belmont this afternoon via Microsoft Teams!


After talking to the children about her career, Lizzie spoke about the importance of being confident - what that actually means, what it looks like and how it can help. There were lots of brilliant responses including a comment from Fallow Class saying that being confident is when you find something easy and then go on to do something trickier! We agreed that to be confident, you have to believe in yourself.


Lizzie then went on to talk about losing confidence, that you should not compare yourself to anyone else and how you should feel proud when you try your best even if you don't always succeed. Confidence doesn't mean though, that you should show off or be arrogant and mean to others.


So how can you show your confidence? It's all about body language - stand tall, shoulders back and stand like a super hero! There were a lot of laughs as the children practised in front of the screen!


Lizzie finished with a question and answer session, with questions ranging from 'Why do you like swimming?' to  'How did you get so powerful?' The answer to the first being because she loves being in the water, and the answer to the second being that she has to train not only her body which has to be strong, but also her brain to develop her resiliance.


It was lovely to meet Lizzie and Chris again, let's hope we can welcome them both into Belmont again soon!