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FOBS Becomes Part Of The Co-op Local Community Fund!

The FOBS Team are delighted to announce that we have been selected to take part in the Co-op Local Community Fund! This is a very exciting funding opportunity, both for FOBS and the school, which can potentially have a great impact on the whole school community.


How does the Co-Op Community Fund work?

FOBS are one of three new causes within Grantham which Co-op Members can select to support between now and 23 October 2021. The more Co-Op members who select us as their chosen cause and shop with Co-Op, the more funds we will receive.


Our cause (Cause-ID 45446) is linked to the two Co-Op food stores (Princess Drive & Dysart Road) and the Co-Op Funeralcare branch (Bridge End Road) in Grantham. You can see our Co-Op Cause Profile page here:  


What does this mean for you? How can you support us?

Every time a Member buys selected Co-Op own brand products and services from a Co-Op Group Food store or Co-Op Funeralcare, anywhere in the UK, 2p of every £1 spent goes into their Membership Rewards account and the same amount is allocated to support community organisations and local causes.


If you already are a Co-Op Member, please select us as your cause (Cause-ID 45446) and make sure you swipe your membership card when shopping in Co-Op stores or inform a Funeralcare colleague that you are a Member. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on your Membership Rewards and can generate funding for our cause.


Should you have any friends and/or family who shop at Co-Op, anywhere in the UK, please tell them about FOBS, pass on our direct Cause Profile page link ( and encourage them to select us as their chosen cause.


How do I and others become a Co-Op Member & what benefits will I get from it?

If you are not a Member yet, it is very easy to sign up by visiting or downloading the Co-op App at To become a Member, you must pay £1 and this £1 buys you one share in the Co-op Group – this means you own part of the business and can have your say in how it’s run.


Additionally, and more importantly, as a Member you will receive personalised offers every week, have access to exclusive member deals and discounts on Co-op services like Insurance, Funeralcare and Legal Services. You will also be able to spend your earned Membership Rewards within the Co-Op Group.


What’s next?

Have a look at our Cause Profile page and find out what exactly we are raising money for and how it would impact the school community. The page also shows the amount of money our cause has raised to date, so you can track how the fund is developing.


Then, SHARE – SHARE – SHARE! Let people know about FOBS and how they can make a difference by supporting us while doing their normal shopping. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page, too!


Let’s get this funding opportunity be the best it can be, Team Belmont!


Should you have any questions, please contact us via or visit our brand new FOBS page to find out more about us!


You download a copy of our latest Newsletter by clicking HERE.