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Holi Celebration After Half Term

After half term, across the school, we have RE week and the children in Key Stage 2 will all be learning about Hinduism. As part of our learning we will be holding a Holi celebration on Thursday afternoon (31 October) in which we will be throwing coloured powder on each other to celebrate positivity. We are asking for a voluntary contribution of £1:00 per child to take part in the celebration. 


We are sourcing the coloured powder from a professional company who supply non-toxic and safe powder for use at Holi celebrations and colour run events. The company suggest that, even though it is safe, it would be uncomfortable to have powder in eyes and therefore we suggest the children bring sunglasses or goggles to protect their eyes. The paint is washable, but the company states that they cannot guarantee all traces of the colour will disappear when washed. Therefore, the children will need to bring a change of clothes and shoes and will not be allowed to participate in their school uniform. We suggest that the children should wear a light coloured or white top to make the most of the coloured powder but recommend the children wear old clothes in case the colour does not wash out. 


We would be grateful if you could send your child's contribution of £1:00 into school in an envelope clearly labelled with their name and class.


Thank you for your support