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Inspirational Visit By Jonathan Broom-Edwards

Our school was very lucky yesterday because we had a visit by Paralympian, Jonathan Broom-Edwards. He came to talk to us about our mental health. He told how to calm ourselves down by doing visualisations and taught us that it is okay to have different emotions - it's how we deal with them that matters.


Jonathan also set us a challenge as part of the Inspire+ Legacy Challenge which has been set up to encourage us to lead a healthy lifestyle and to get us active. Jonathan's challenge is to first of all, cut down on screen time and swap it for something active. The second part of his challenge is to join a new sports club and attend for at least 6 weeks.


Everyone really enjoyed his visit, saying afterwards, "I thought that it was amazing and it was a good experience.", and "I thought it was great because it was such an inspirational experience."


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