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Keep Your Child Safe Online - The PEGI App

As you know, we aim to ensure all of our children are aware of the problems that may arise when they use the internet and that they know where to go for help. On Safer Internet Day last term, we particularly discussed the types of games and apps young people enjoy playing.


Children often know that films have age-ratings, but don't know games and apps have them too, or why they are needed. Often they will think that an age-rating on a game or app just relates to how difficult it is to play. Children may also sign up to sites such as TikTok not understanding that not only are they under the required age to be using it (13+ years) but that they may be exposed to adult content and have any content they upload be seen by adults they don’t know.


One of the most widely played games in the UK is Call of Duty, Warzone. As it contains strong language and violence it is rated suitable for adults only - 18+ years. Popular social media app WhatsApp, has raised its age limit for UK users to 16+ years. It is not designed for young children to use and does not have robust privacy safeguards automatically enabled.

It can be difficult to decide which game, apps and sites you allow your child to use, so we’re pleased to let you know about a new app that we think you will find useful. The PEGI Ratings App available for Android and Apple, allows parents to check a video game or app's suitability for their child. 


You can download the app by searching for PEGI Ratings on the Play Store or App Store. You can also find more information on the PEGI website, please click HERE to go directly to it (


Further help and tips about online safety can be found on the websites Common Sense Media and Internet Matters.


If you have any concerns about your child and their safety including online safety, please contact your child's class teacher or a member of our Safeguarding Team: Mr Davidson (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mr Allsopp or Mrs Blackburn (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads).


Thank you for your ongoing support.


What Is PEGI?

PEGI (Pan European Game Information) is the European age-rating system for games and apps. You will find PEGI labels on the front and back of a game's packaging. The age-rating refers not to how difficult the game is but to the suitability of the games content in 8 key areas – violence, bad language, fear, in-game purchases, sex, gambling, drugs and discrimination.