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Level 4 Heatwave Warning

Having received guidance from the Local Authority, a risk assessment has been taken concerning the Met Office Level 4 Heatwave Warning for Monday and Tuesday next week. A ParentMail has been sent to all of our parents/carers today giving details of the precautions that will be put in place. Please click HERE to download a copy, but brief details are as follows:


As heat builds throughout the day, we will be finishing the school day at 1:00 pm on Monday, 18 and Tuesday, 19 July 2022.  The children will have their lunch before leaving via the normal exits.


The school will ensure sun/heat safety through

  • Optimizing ventilation
  • Regularly monitoring children for the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses
  • Limiting time outside at morning break to 10 minutes
  • Ensuring children have access to water refills throughout their time in school
  • Reminding/encouraging the children to move less – both inside and when outside briefly at morning break.


Please support us in keeping your children safe and well by:

  • Dressing your child appropriately for the conditions (PE Kit shorts, PE Kit T shirts, summer dresses etc)
  • Apply sun cream to your child before arriving at school and provide additional sun cream for use through the morning if needed.
  • Ensure your child has a cold drink in a container that can be refilled throughout the morning.


Your support is very much appreciated. The children’s safety and welfare is always our top priority and we believe that by implementing the above actions we will be able to ensure they still enjoy their last days of the school year whilst remaining safe and healthy.


This is the first time in history that the Met Office has issued a Level 4 Heatwave Warning – we live in strange times!


Please note:

Year 6 Performance: will now take place on the morning of Thursday 21 July.

The performance will be filmed and the link shared with parents/carers who are unable to attend.


Belmont Sports Personality Awards: will now take place on Wednesday, 20 July from 3:45 pm.