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Represent Belmont At A KS2 Virtual Gymnastics Competition!

Our School Games organiser, Terry Plumb, has contacted us about a KS2 virtual gymnastics competition! This is your child’s chance to represent the school. You do not have to be a gymnast to enter, anyone can enter no matter what ability. All you need to do is email me at or send me a message via Teams with the video of your child’s routine. I know we have some talented gymnasts out there so it would be great to get some entries! Click HERE to download a guide on what you can do with a video from a sport leader to support. You can read Mr Plumb's message below.


Regards Mr Togher


Good afternoon,

In light of the new lockdown it has been decided that the KS2 Gymnastics Virtual competition will now be an individual event rather than a team event. As a result, there are four categories: Boy (Mainstream), Girl (Mainstream), Boy (SEND) & Girl (SEND).


For this competition, students will need to complete a Gymnastics routine- please see the revised attached document for full details. (Click HERE)


Deadline for entries - Friday 12 February – to be confirmed!!


Below is a grid of ideas that they can use in their sequenced routine:



(min of 1)


(min of 1)


(min of 1)



Back Support Star Jump Teddy Bear Cartwheel
Front Support Tuck Jump Forward Roll Splits
Shoulder Stand Half Turn Backwards Roll Bridge
Arabesque Full Turn Sausage Roll Chasse
Y Balance Cat Leap Pencil Roll Round Off