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Snow and Ice

The forecast of adverse weather conditions over the next few days may challenge us all as we try to carry on as normal. Please ensure that your child attends school with suitable footwear as well as having a winter coat, hat and gloves to protect them whilst they are outside before/after school and during the morning and mid-day breaks.  During periods when snow is on the ground, and conditions are suitable, children will only be allowed out to play if they have appropriate clothing and footwear.  Sturdy shoes, boots or wellingtons enable pupils to play and enjoy the snow without getting their feet wet for the rest of the school day. 


The majority of children that attend Belmont School live within reasonable walking distance of the school.  We will be open as normal unless severe weather conditions prevent a significant number of school staff from attending work, therefore creating a situation where there are not enough staff to adequately support the pupils.
If a decision is made prior to the start of the school day to close the school, parents will receive a message via ParentMail and information will be on the school website.  You are also advised to listen to the local radio stations who will broadcast which schools are closed and publish a list on their websites:


  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire
  • Lincs FM
If the school is open in the morning, only due to extreme circumstances will it close before the usual time.  If we need to close the school a message will be sent via ParentMail (please remember to inform the school office if there are any changes to the contact details so our records are up to date). 
In the event of school closures due to winter weather, ‘snowy day’ work for the children is available on the Children's pages of our website. Click here to go directly to the page.