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Sports Day

Sports Day was a little different this year, as the children in Key Stage 1 competed this morning,  whilst those in Key Stage 2 competed during the afternoon.  Whilst Mr Davidson started the races, four pupils from Elk and Taruca were on the microphone introducing the races and urging the competitors on - and what a brilliant job they did!


With the children placed into 5 teams, they competed against each other to win the Belmont Sports Trophy. Both sessions were won by the Blue Teams, but more important was the fun and enjoyment had by all as they tried their best. It was great that parents and carers joined in with the fun during the morning session when they powered down the race track for prizes kindly donated by the FOBS!


We are very grateful for the 250 bottles of water generously donated by the Spar shop on Bridge End Road, that ensured the children remained comfortable and hydrated, and to members of the FOBS who provided a refreshment stall and raffle throughout the day.


Our thanks go to Miss Allen and Mr Togher for organising such a great day, and to their helpers who worked tirelessly, running up and down the field ensuring all the equipment was in the right place for the next race.


Thank you also to everyone who came along and cheered - we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!