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Sports Report

We’ve had another busy term of sport, which started with the round up of our Netball League with our final two matches, winning one and losing one. Our busy term then continued with our football team having their first round of matches of the year, giving many children the opportunity to play their first ever match. As well as this, we took part in the football tournament, winning two matches, drawing one and losing one. Again, this gave children the opportunity to represent the school in football for the first time. The term's events were brought to a close for our team of cheerleaders that went to Priory for the cheerleading festival, giving children the chance from Year 3-6 to work together to represent our school - which they did brilliantly!


Next term we will be introducing some new clubs. These are: Year 5/6 tag rugby, Year 3/4 football, a lunchtime circuit club and a lunchtime club.


The Autumn term also saw us start our first Legacy Challenge. We started with Sam’s Challenge which was to be active for at least 30 minutes a day in school and to sleep for the recommended 9 ½ hours a night and the KS1 Challenge of replacing screen time with a different activity, such as den building or going for a walk. We had lots of successes with this, Year 6 coming out on top with the most completed challenges, meaning they won an extra 1 hour PE session with Mr T in a sport of their choice. The next challenge we are trying to complete is Jonathon’s Challenge, which is to replace screen time with an active activity and to join a new sports club (we have lots of new clubs to join at school or it can be one you already attend in school). For KS1, the next challenge is Colin Cabbage who’s challenge is to go on an adventure! This could be a walk or a trip somewhere with friends or family or even independently.


We are looking forward to next term, with our new clubs starting and some more competitions, including New Age Kurling and Goal ball.


Mr Togher

PE Lead