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Spring Term Sports Round-Up

It has been another fantastic term of sport! Our clubs continued to have good attendance, with Table Tennis, Y5/6 Netball, Y1/2 Sports Club, Y5/6 Tag Rugby, Y3/4 Football, KS2 Circuit Club and our Cheerleading Club.


Children from our sports clubs have also had the opportunity to represent the school in competitions or football friendlies. The netball league resumed play, where we competed at the Priory against 4 other schools. Our netballers also had the opportunity to play in the netball festival, a tournament competition also held at Priory. Our football teams from Y5/6  managed to get their boots back on and play in two friendlies; whilst our Y3/4 teams have also had the chance to play in two friendlies - some of the players playing their first ever game of football!


Our term of sport will be wrapped up in the final week, with our Y5/6 Rugby Festival and our Intra-School competition day on Friday for KS2, where this term we will be playing Bench Ball, a sport we have played in PE with great enjoyment.


Next term we will see our clubs change, so look out for the letters. We will have two new exciting clubs starting - a Basketball Club with an Inspire+ coach and a Cheerleading club run by the Lincolnshire Cheerleading Academy coaches.


The Inspire+ Legacy Challenge is going from strength to strength. This term we focused on Jonathon Broom-Edward’s Legacy Challenge. This involved joining a new sports club and swapping a screen time activity for a more active activity. With the help of all our sports on offer at Belmont, we had great success with this Challenge with an amazing 98 pupils completing it! Our next Challenge is Sarah Outen the Adventurer Challenge, which is to go on an adventure somewhere. This could be a trip to the park, the sea side, into town or even to see a family member. You could even draw a map of your journey and work out how far you went! With the Easter holidays upon us, this gives everyone a great chance to get outdoors and go on an adventure!