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Staggered Start & Finish Times - Changes For Children In Key Stage 2

In order to ensure the safety of everyone bringing their children to school, we have revised our system for Key Stage Two pupils although the times remain the same.  It is very important that the times allocated for arrival and leaving are adhered to and that social distancing is maintained. If, for any reason, you are unable to socially distance then a face mask should be worn.


  Start of Day End of Day
  Field Gate Field Gate
Year 6 8:45 am 3:20 pm
Year 5 8:50 am 3:20 pm
Year 4 8:55 am 3:15 pm
Year 3 9:00 am 3:15 pm


  • To avoid congestion, a one way system is in place for safe entry and exit to the school site at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Entry is by the main school gate on Harrowby Lane NOT the wooden gate from the car park.
  • Children will then go through the field gate to line up on the field with their teacher before going into the school. 
  • They will line up in the same place at the end of the day to be collected by their parent/carer.
  • Parents/carers should use the one way system after dropping off/collecting their children. 
  • We ask that parents/carers leave the school site and its environs as promptly as possible.


These arrangements are so important if we are to maintain your and your children’s safety. The things that will jeopardise this safety most significantly are:


  • Arriving late for the allocated start time for your child.
  • Arriving with/or allowing your child to arrive well before the allocated start time.
  • Arriving late to pick up your child at the allocated time at the end of the school day,


We would really appreciate your cooperation in avoiding the above scenarios and thank you for your continued support in our efforts to keep our whole school community as safe as possible.