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Star Achievers Of The Week

Mr Davidson was very pleased to welcome everyone to his favourite assembly this morning. Each week we are inspired by our fabulous Stars who work so hard and we really enjoy hearing them explain their learning.


This week, our Stars received certificates for:

Reindeer Class - his clever use of fastenings when making a caterpillar.

Fallow Class - using a variety of shape, line, marks and tone.

Elk Class - her excellent description of Ernst Haeckel's art work

Impala Class - showing a brilliant understanding of equivalent fractions.

Barasingha Class - her great understanding and ideas in reading.

Sambar Class - showing fantastic understanding of improper fractions and mixed number fractions.

Taruca Class -her wonderful and thoughtful RE learning.


Many of our pupils take part in sporting events out of school and love sharing their successes with us. Today, we congratulated:

Alicia from Barasingha for earning her cartwheel badge in Cheerleading.

Kia from Fallow and Bella from Barasingha for achieving their swimming certificates.

Josephine from Reindeer who has been awarded a Sport Cadet certificate.


Further Times Tables badges were also awarded - Justas, Sam and Olivia all received their silver badge.


To their great delight, Reindeer Class were once again Class Attendance winners, this time with a fabulous 98.1%!


Well done everyone!