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Star Achievers Of The Week

Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, we were unable to bring you news of our wonderful Star Achievers last week but you can read about their terrific achievements below. Today, Mr Allsopp was delighted to welcome everyone to our special assembly, including the first visit by Reindeer Class. No award was announced for Taruca Class this week as they have been on their residential trip to Castleton - we’re looking forward to hearing about all their adventures when they get back later today!


Last week our Stars received certificates for:

Fallow - her fantastic suggestions in history.

Elk - his fantastic learning in Maths.

Impala - using amazing language in his acrostic poem. 

Barasingha - her amazing cave painting and for always working hard.

Sambar - her wonderful attitude to learning and her impressive inference skills during her

poetry work on 'Open the Door'.

Taruca - his wonderful powerful writing about 'The Kraken'.


Today, our Stars were awarded certificates for:

Fallow - her super understanding of 'greater than' and 'less than'.

Elk - her fantastic Traction Man writing.

Impala - his amazing skills in PE. He also shows resilience, good listening and great teamworking skills.

Barasingha - his amazing work in English and for always having a go!

Sambar - demonstrating amazing skills as a historian.


The first Times Tables badges of the new school year were also awarded this morning. Our congratulations go to Kia for her Bronze badge and Trinity who has earned her Gold.


The final announcement of the morning was for Attendance. Due to the problems last week, two awards were given today and both went to the children in Reindeer Class! They have made a fabulous start to their time at Belmont, having 100% attendance for their first two weeks at the school.


Well done everyone!


This term, we hope to invite the parents and carers of Star Achievers to join the celebration either by joining us in school or watching via Zoom. The password will be changed weekly.