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Stars Of The Term

As we near the end of a very busy term, Mr Davidson was delighted to welcome everyone to our Star of the Term assembly this morning. We have been inspired by the way children across the school have worked so hard both at home and in school, with a determination to learn and succeed. Our wonderful Stars, celebrated today, exemplify so much of what we value at Belmont. They have shown great enthusiasm and commitment and are truly great role-models! 


In our fabulous celebration of learning today, our Stars received certificates for:

Reindeer Class - consistently working hard and being a superstar role-model.

Fallow Class - her fantastic attitude, dedication and hard work all term.

Elk Class - her dedication and enthusiasm in her learning this term.

Impala Class - making brilliant progress, always listens and works hard on all his learning.

His growing confidence has been a pleasure to see. 

Barasingha Class - showing outstanding focus, effort and commitment this term.

HIs progress in all areas has been absolutely amazing.

Sambar Class - his outstanding attitude to learning and his amazing progress in all subjects.

Taruca Class - his wonderful attitude to all his learning.

Today, we also celebrated children in each class who have made outstanding progress and effort in Maths, Reading, Writing and Science this term. Children who received the award for reading were also given a fabulous new book! We also congratulated the children who were awarded certificates for their exemplary conduct in school.

Class Awards

 For outstanding progress and effort.

Class Reading Writing Maths Science
Reindeer Lillie-Grace Eliza Jesse JJ (James-Junior)
Fallow Frankie Jaxon Ezra-Beau Harlan
Elk Josephine Ellie Luna Riley
Impala William & Lucyanna Laila Reegan Isla
Barasingha Leah A & Jessica Esmee Kenny Jared
Sambar Isabelle S & Roxie Aayush Faith F Brax
Taruca Hevenle-Babi & Sophie Sandra Sofia Harvey


Conduct Ambassadors

In recognition of consistently making the right choices, leading by example and helping to create

 an environment where everyone can learn and be successful.

Reindeer Elahn-Fynn
Fallow Amelia
Elk Kara
Impala Alysia-Grace
Barasingha Lily-Rose
Sambar McKenzie
Taruca Isla


We were also excited to find out that Barasingha Class were the Attendance winners for the Autumn Term!


Well done everyone!




This term, we hope to invite the parents and carers of Star Achievers to join the celebration either by joining us in school or watching via Zoom. The password will be changed weekly.