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Making The Most Of A Fabulous Opportunity!

The children in Barasingha and Sambar are certainly making the most of working with Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell and John Sutton to improve their writing skills this term! Every Thursday morning, they take part in a Zoom lesson along with children from 49 other schools around the country. The children are incredibly focused during their hour long lessons which include fun games and the opportunity to write directly onto the TeachingLive.Net website.


During the days following each lesson, the children develop that week's skills even further. They can then not only post an audio recording of their work, but can upload to the TeachingLive.Net blog where others can read and comment on it! We're proud to say that Archie and Sophie in Sambar both have their work featured on the Showcase page of the site. Not only that, Jacob in Barasingha and Justas in Sambar were very proud when Pie played their recordings over the internet and gave them fantastic feedback on their fabulous work!


You can read the work posted by the children by visiting the TeachingLive.Net website - click HERE to go directly to it. You can also listen to recordings made by the children over in our Belmont Media section of our website - click HERE.


The children in Sambar Class have also been given the wonderful opportunity to write on their own class blog! You can find out more on their Class page on the Belmont website, and also visit MrG's Emporium Blog to read and comment upon their writing.


The TeachingLive.Net lessons will continue until the end of the Autumn term.