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News About September!

We are near the end of the final full week of the school holidays and we are really looking forward to seeing all of Team Belmont back at school together! Over the last few months we have been busy putting systems in place to help ensure the safety of our whole school community: children, parents/carers and staff. At the end of last term, a letter was sent home via ParentMail, giving details of the arrangements from September (a copy can be downloaded HERE), but we have now put all of this information on the Parents/School Information section of the website. Please click HERE to go directly to it. The pages will be updated as the governmental guidelines inevitably change.


Some of the main points are:


  • Staggered Start and Finish Times: please see the timetable below.

We ask that children are dropped off/picked up by only one parent/carer and that the times given are strictly adhered to. Social distancing rules continue to apply. Children will use hand sanitiser prior to entering/leaving the school site.


  • Limited Entry to the School Building:

Parents/Carers are asked not to enter the school building unless absolutely essential. The School Office can be contacted by telephone or email. If it is imperative to speak to a member of staff, this should be by a pre-arranged appointment only.


  • Uniform:

Children should wear school uniform. Public Health England advises that it is helpful for the prevention of the spread of the virus if this is clean each day. On days where children are having PE lessons, they should come to school in their PE kit. Please click HERE for details of what they should wear. We will let you know as soon as possible when term starts which days your child will be having PE.


  • What Children Can Bring Into School:

Children should only bring their full water bottle and their packed lunch in disposable bags, not a lunch box. Children should not bring in pencil cases as everything they need will be provided and cleaned by school staff each day.


  • School Meals: 

Unfortunately, hot meals cannot be provided during the Autumn term. Packed lunches can be ordered via the NEL Meal Selector website in the usual way. The arrangements re hot food will of course be reviewed in line with governmental guidance at various points throughout the Autumn term.


  • School Clubs

Unfortunately there will be no After School Enrichment Clubs during the Autumn term. Until otherwise advised the clubs available from September are:

Breakfast Club:

This will be operating from Thursday 3 September. Please respond to the ParentMail from Mrs Nix if you require this service at the start of term. The children attending Breakfast Club will be seated in their year group bubbles throughout. Entry will be through the main school entrance.

Homework Club (Key Stage 2 Only):

This will be in operation from Monday 7 September. The club will be based in The Studio (Monday - Thursdays) and will be segregated into year group bubbles. Entry will be through the main school entrance at 8:30 am.

After School Club - Belmont Explorers:

Run by Children's Links and new at Belmont from 3 September in The Studio. Bookings should be made via Children's Links directly, not the School Office. Please telephone: 07554 450492 or email:


  • Keeping Your Child as Safe as Possible in School:

We have put systems in place to help ensure the safety of the whole school community. Please go to the Parents/School Information/SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATES section of the site to find full details - please click HERE to go directly to it.


  • Suspected or Confirmed Covid-19 infection:

Your child should not attend school if they have a suspected or confirmed infection. For further help and advice on how to get tested, please look at our Coronavirus Advice page in the Parents section of the site - click HERE to go directly to it.


We really appreciate your understanding, co-operation and support as we endeavour to provide the very best care and education for your children and look forward to seeing you on Thursday 3 September.




  Start of Day End of Day
  Junior Gate Field Gate Infant Gate Junior Gate Field Gate Infant Gate
Year 6 8:45 am     3:20 pm    
Year 5   8:50 am     3:20 pm  
Year 4 8:55 am     3:15 pm    
Year 3   9:00 am     3:15 pm  
Year 2     8:45 am     3:10 pm
Year 1     8:50 am     3:05 pm
EYFS     9:15 am     3:00 pm