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Using A PlayStation Or XBox For Microsoft TEAMS

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Microsoft TEAMS can be accessed from a PlayStation or an Xbox. To assist with this, I have made a video of how to connect to Microsoft TEAMS from a PlayStation, which will be very similar for an Xbox. The video finishes with a sample worksheet on the screen. This can be enlarged by clicking on it using X. To view the video, please click HERE to go directly to our Microsoft TEAMS page.


Accessing the site via a PlayStation or XBox will allow your child to see the work that has been set and they will be able to use the chat function to contact their class teacher and to ask for extra help. To upload their work however, other resources such as a camera will have to be linked to the PlayStation to take a picture of the completed work. I would recommend submitting the work from a phone or tablet but the PlayStation is useful to view the work for that day on a larger screen.


I hope you find the Microsoft TEAMS videos useful and will now have a variety of ways to access your child’s online learning: by using a a laptop, iPhone/iPad/Tablet or Android and now the PlayStation or the Xbox. Remember once they have logged in, your child should send their teacher a message to let them know they have access.


Again, if you are still having problems, please do get in contact with your child’s teacher using the contact form on the class pages of the website.