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Virtual School Games - Cricket!

Hello everyone,

The second Virtual School Games competition has now opened and it is cricket! Again this is a great chance for our pupils to show what they can do and represent the school in sport. Any entries are welcome and all entrants will be rewarded when we are back in school! Please go to the Lincolnshire Virtual School Games website (click HERE) to find full details of how to enter and what the events are. Videos are there to show you what to do within each event and ways in which you can change them if you don’t have some of the equipment.


Below is the message from the School Games Organisers with further details. I hope we can have even more success with this one and even more entries!


For this competition your pupils will need to:
1. Complete 4 cricket skills challenges – Batting, Catching, Throwing, Bowling (see the instruction videos HERE).
2. Ask someone to video them completing the challenges.
3. Have a go as many times as they wish and record their best scores.
4. Complete the entry form and include their best scores for each skill.

5. Upload a link to the video of one of their skills being performed onto the entry form which can be obtained HERE.

6. From here they will need to input some other information so that we know which school they attend.


They have two weeks to submit their entry from 11 May onwards until Friday 22 May. The best scores from each SGO area will be selected for a county final event.


We really hope you can get behind this and keep our young people in some sort of sporting competition over the next few weeks.


Good Luck!

Mr Togher