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Visiting Alma Park Woods

This week, the children have had the opportunity to spend three days with their new teacher and teaching assistants from September. The children coming into Year 4 had a great time visiting Alma Park Woods and were set a task to create a leaflet and a short film to persuade people to visit this wonderful local area. This started with some practice on the Wednesday morning in our own Wildlife Area, taking photos of nature and thinking about what makes a photo a good photo. That first afternoon we then took our first walk up to Alma Park Woods and used the skills learned in the morning to take photos of the nature and scenery around the woods.

The following day, the children were able to use their photos to then create their persuasive leaflet, advertising the woods for visitors to come and take a look. That afternoon, the children took their second trip up to the woods to this time film the scenery in preparation to create their iMovies - again to persuade people to come and visit. On this visit there were even some extra special visitors as some cows appeared from behind a large bush, much to the children’s delight!


Friday morning and our final afternoon together, we spent time creating the iMovies, piecing them together, adding voice overs, sound effects and even some background music. When you are in school, look out for the QR codes on the hall display to see the fantastic videos!