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Wyndham Park - Heroes Commemorative Orchard

We have received news from the Wyndham Park Forum concerning a new fundraising campaign. Their letter is below:


We have exciting news and I wanted you to be amongst the first to know!


The Wyndham Park Forum is embarking on a fundraising campaign to create a commemorative orchard in the middle of Grantham.


The fundraising is through a new CrowdfundSK project and we have 2 months to reach our target. Pledges are a minimum of £2 and it is really important that we get as many small pledges in as possible. The pledges will not be redeemed until we reach our total.


In years to come it will be a fabulous asset for all our schools offering a range of opportunities for your pupils. Your school’s contribution could allow you to adopt a specific tree within the orchard. Longer term there would be opportunities for outdoor learning, harvesting and consumption of fruit, as well as learning about the wider biodiversity of the site as it matures.


Planting of the trees is scheduled for the end of February – beginning of March and will be a community activity. There are 75 trees in total - predominately heritage fruit species.  However there is a great deal more than just the trees which need funding and your pledge will allow the project to become a reality.


We are hoping to create a sense of community ownership through your pledges, and the longer term maintenance and tree care of this orchard will be carried out by volunteers. You would be most welcome to join us!

To read about the project, find out why we have called it the HEROES COMMEMORATIVE ORCHARD and make your pledge please follow the link below:


Thank you in advance for your support.



Elizabeth Bowskill


Wyndham Park Forum