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This Year in Elk Class

Autumn Day

We thoroughly enjoyed Autumn day at the end of term. After doing activities in the classroom, we went on the field and playground identifying things we found growing and had great fun in the autumn leaves!

We Found Out About Barn Owls!

The children have worked very hard gathering information for their reports on Barn Owls. You can see some super examples of the beautifully presented work below. Click on an image for a magnified view.

Family Portraits

I have been really impressed with the family portraits painted by the children in the style of artist Quentin Blake who we have been learning about this term. They learnt how to colour mix and draw in his style and used his technique not only in their portraits but also in our PHSE topic to portray feelings. You can see some super examples below.

Learning About Healthy Eating

We really enjoyed doing the Eat Well plate jigsaw to find out the different food groups that we need to eat to stay healthy.


Why not have a go yourself, by clicking on the 'Make a Balanced Plate' image?

Enjoying Our PE!

We had a great lesson improving our balancing skills in PE when we had lots of fun making skipping rope balancing tracks.