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What Is Our Writing Blog?

I am excited to let you know about Sambar’s new blogging project! All of the children in the class are invited to take part as it will offer them the opportunity to share their individual thoughts, views and experiences on a wide range of educational (both academic and holistic) and current affairs matters.


We have been very lucky to secure the services of national experts to support us in this new venture. John Sutton at ‘Creative Blogs’ will build and maintain our platform and provide technical support, whilst David ‘Deputy’ Mitchell, a highly successful and internationally acclaimed educationalist with a proven track record of achieving vastly improved outcomes for children through blogging, will guide our pupils on their journey to becoming accomplished bloggers.  Here is a link to our page  - click HERE to go directly to it.


It is important to note that, whilst we hope that the blogging will appeal to and engage pupils and become an enjoyable part of school life, the project is primarily educational, with a sharp focus on improving pupils’ confidence and skill in writing. There has been much research, in recent times, into a growing ‘word gap’ for young people, many of whom are experiencing a diminishing vocabulary in comparison to previous generations. Parents may wish to explore the links below for further information about the Oxford University Press report on the ‘word gap’ and David Mitchell’s successful approach to blogging. David’s unprecedented success in Tower Hamlets, London, saw the percentage of Year 1 pupils achieving beyond expectations in writing rise from 11% to 64% (49% of whom were boys) in the space of a year, purely as a result of his use of blogging as a strategy for teaching.


Parents should be aware, in the light of the project aims, that blogs published on the school platform will genuinely be the pupils’ own work. This means that there will be errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our blogging project is first and foremost a learning initiative, not a marketing tool! The intention is that pupils will blog, receive encouragement and feedback, and then blog again and so on. As such, we hope parents will understand that errors are a critical part of this learning process and will not be edited out. We hope that this approach will help our young people to recognise the importance of making and correcting mistakes in order to learn, and so to become more independent, resilient learners.


We believe that this project will be of great benefit to the pupils in improving both their writing and literacy skills and their competence with ICT. These skills will benefit pupils across the whole curriculum and in their future education and careers. Please do not hesitate to contact me at school, should you have any questions or concerns.