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Welcome toBelmont Community Primary SchoolAchieving excellence, putting children first


As a team our highest priority is the welfare of the children. We are very aware that come September there will be pupils who have attended school every day throughout the Covid-19 crisis, another group who have been attending since 1 June and a final group who won’t have been in school since the lockdown began. Our focus for the first few days of the Autumn term is the support of all these groups and this will be done through the following:


  • Regular opportunities for children to talk with adults should they have any worries.
  • Children will continue to have access to Zumos, thoughts and feelings books and worry boxes as part of the school day – this means that there is always a way to share a worry and have a question answered.
  • Specific training and guidance on how we all work together to keep safe.
  • The use of ‘pupil experts’ – children from each class who have been attending school throughout the summer term. These ‘pupil experts’ will provide practical and pastoral support for pupils newly returned to school.
  • Senior leaders and other school staff will be happy to answer any worries that you as parents have – please do talk with us at the start of a school day (we will be on duty outside during the first few days of term), or email us directly.