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Sambar 2019 - 2020

Visit To Peterborough

The children in Sambar and Taruca spent a wonderful day in Peterborough as part of our RE learning. During the morning we visited the Faizan E Madina Mosque and spent time with the Imam who showed us round and talked to us about the beautiful building and the life of a Muslim. 


The afternoon was spent at the Cathedral where we took part in a workshop about faith. Through this we were able to have a tour of the Cathedral, highlighting key aspects and features of Christianity. 


Since our return to school the children have spent time comparing the two religions and finding similarities and differences between them.


You can find more photos from our visit in the Photo Gallery.

The Vikings!

Through our theme 'Frozen North', we have had a great time learning all about the Vikings. The children enjoyed plotting the routes and countries Vikings travelled to on maps to gain a good understanding of their influence across the Northern Hemisphere. They undertook research, using the books from our updated reference library, and created some wonderful fact files about Viking Longboats and their exploration into Iceland, Greenland and Vinland. All their research then accumulated into a brilliant piece of historical writing, where they used their knowledge about the time period. We have also been extremely lucky to have a visit from PartakeHistory and enjoyed our Viking day with them. The children were able to have a go at a range of Viking crafts, create a model Viking settlement and act out a Viking raid in costume, a wonderful learning experience for them.


More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.


We couldn't put down our latest class book, 'Malamandar', by Thomas Taylor. We finished it in only ten days and we thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of this incredible story about the marvelous world of Eerie on Sea. We tweeted some of our drawings and even impressed the author himself!

Fabulous Poetry

The children have produced some fabulous poetry this term. They have been inspired by the imagery and language from the poem 'The Sea' and our class book, 'Malamander' to write their own poems. You can hear a super example by Demi below.



The children have created wonderful moving toys during our design and technology learning journey. They have learnt about cogs and followers and used their understanding to design and create their final piece.  To help them evaluate their work, they took a visit to Fallow Class to see what they thought of their toys.  You can see a super example of the process below.

The Emporium’s Twelve Days Of Christmas!

On the last afternoon of the Autumn Term, the whole school gathers together in the hall to sing Christmas songs. This year in the Emporium, we tried something a little different and wrote our own words to the Twelve Days of Christmas! We all had a great time!


Below you can find photos of our very busy Christmas celebrations!

12 Days Of Christmas!

Still image for this video

Southwell Workhouse

One of the best days! Our visit to the workhouse never fails to inspire and ignite a passion for history! Following in the footsteps of an actual pauper present in the workhouse in 1842, boys and girls were separated and dressed up as they would have been in that year.  They were then led to meet the forbidding workhouse Master and his wife. After being guided around the building by the adult paupers who told them their duties and expectations,  the children entered the school room to be taught the alphabet by the stern school teacher!


It was an incredible experience that enabled the children to fully appreciate the harsh reality of workhouse life.


You can find more photos in the Photo Gallery.

Holi Celebration

As part of our RE week, all Key Stage 2 children at Belmont Community Primary School recreated a Holi celebration.  As part of this learning journey pupils have been studying Hinduism and towards the end of the week had a focus on the Holi festival.  The children carefully considered how the Holi Celebration makes use of colour and fire to celebrate changes in the seasons.  The children also considered how Holi represented the triumph of good over bad.


During the Holi festival, which next year will be celebrated in March, Hindus use coloured powder to throw at each other to signify the beginning of spring and to say goodbye to the darkness of winter.  This wonderful celebration was part of developing the children’s wider understanding of living in unity with ourselves and others and gave them a great insight into other people’s lives.


You can find more photos in the Photo Gallery.


Aaron Becker’s breath-taking illustrations in the wordless book ‘Journey’ have proved a powerful tool in developing descriptive detail in our writing. We have used drama to immerse ourselves in role as the main character. By adding thoughts, feelings and questions we have shown how our writing can come to life.

Washed Ashore

We have applied all of our English skills this week. By using book talk, writer talk, magpied treasure and creativity, the children have written some wonderful descriptions inspired by a shell. Listen to a super example by Oliver below.


Great Science!

We have been exploring the states of matter through drama! I'm 'ard I am, I'm a solid! I'm a liquid, I can flooooow! I'm a gas....I'm random! Great fun, great engagement, great learning!


It was a first for Belmont as we were the first class to take part in Boxercise with Jack from Inspire+! We were so excited and after listening very carefully to the rules, you can see what a great time we had!