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Sambar 2021 - 2022

Sports Day

Wow, what a wonderful afternoon! For the first time since the summer of 2019, the children were able to take part in Sports Day! They made the most of every moment and had a great time!

Our Platinum Jubilee Celebration!

We had a super afternoon celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! It was lovely so many of our families were able to come and enjoy a picnic on the field whilst being entertained by each class singing a song from each decade of the Queen's reign. I was so proud as our class gave a fantastic performance of 'Sweet Caroline' from the 1970s. Everyone was presented with a special medal and a book which I'm sure they will treasure for years to come.


We have been using a variety of figurative techniques to build a picture in the reader's mind. Here's a super example.


She Watches The World

Inspired by the poem, ‘She Watches The World’ by James Carter, we wrote some fabulous 7 minute poems that we published on the class Twitter account. We were thrilled when James liked them too!

Comic Relief Red Nose Day

This year, our theme for Red Nose Day was Super Heroes - whether it was Superman, Wonder Woman, a superhero of our own creation, or a local hero in our community. As you can see, the children had great fun!


I was very impressed by the children who took part in Bikeablity. Working with Helen and Matt from Outspoken Training, the children were incredibly focused as they learnt and practised the vital skills needed to be safe cycling on the public roads.


Our thanks go to Helen and Matt for a great week. 


Sambar and Taruca classes had a very enjoyable day in Peterborough where we went into Peterborough Cathedral and the  Faizan-e-Madina Mosque. I am very proud of all the class, not only for their exemplary behaviour but for their engagement and very thoughtful questions.

Fabulous Short Burst Writing!

Given the image below, the children were allowed a short period of time to let their creativity flow and get their ideas about it onto paper. You can hear a super example below.

This Mysterious Land

Moving Toys

Make a moving toy for a child in Year 2 was the challenge I set the class and they certainly came up with some superb designs. After experimenting with cams and followers, their finished toys not only looked fantastic but worked too! When finished, we proudly took them along to Elk Class to get their feedback - they loved them!


Still image for this video

Fantastic Reading Scrapbooks!

In September, I introduced Reading Scrapbooks to the Emporium. I want all the children in the class to have a passion for reading, so am encouraging them to read a variety of texts and respond in a number of ways: including asking questions, drawing characters and making posters! The children are very proud of their scrapbooks and they are so very individual. I award a new book as a prize each term for the best ones.

It's Christmas!

We really enjoyed the run up to Christmas when we made our Christmas gifts to sell at the FOBS Christmas Market! We also continued a wonderful Emporium tradition of watching The Box of Delights by John Masefield. The children loved it! We finished the term with a great party in the Emporium!

Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’

The class has loved their @GetSet4PE Dance by Chance lessons this term! They’ve all been ‘Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’, learning some spins and incorporating them into a dance including a hand jive! They went on to choreograph and perform their own dances which they all loved! You can see some short videos over on Mr Togher’s Twitter page. Please click HERE to go directly to it.

The Clockwork Crow

We have been reading The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher this term. A magical story of snow and stars, it is a mysterious gothic Christmas tale set in a frost-bound Victorian country mansion. When orphaned Seren Rees is given a mysterious package by a strange and frightened man on her way to her new home, she reluctantly takes it with her. But what is in the parcel? Who are the Family who must not be spoken of, and can the Crow help Seren find Tom, before the owner of the parcel finds her? The Clockwork Crow is a gripping Christmas tale of families and belonging set in snowy Wales from a master storyteller.  Here is some fantastic work from our reading journals.

Ripon Workhouse Museum

We had a fabulous day at the Ripon Workhouse Museum with Taruca Class. Despite a long journey, they made the most of their time at the museum learning about life as a pauper living in the Workhouse.


After a stern introduction from Matron, the children went to the Guardians’ Room for the Guardians’ role-play activity. The Guardians were the Board, made up of the 'good and the great', who oversaw the running of the Workhouse and were considered of a superior class to the pauper inmates.  As part of the role-play, the children were split into Guardians and Paupers, with the Guardians having to apply the rules of the Workhouse to decide which of the Paupers could be given financial help; who they would take into the Workhouse and who they turned away with nothing! Their thoughtful answers to questions showed great empathy and understanding of what life was really like for the Paupers.


Afterwards, the classes were split into boys’ and girls’ groups where they had a lesson from the schoolteacher whilst the girls also learnt how to do rag-rugging. To 'earn their keep', the children had to do their chores: sweeping, polishing and shoe cleaning!


Our visit to the Workhouse never fails to inspire and ignite a passion for history! It was an incredible experience that enabled the children to fully appreciate the harsh reality of Workhouse life. If you would like to find out more about the Workhouse, please click HERE

Our Talented Writers!

The children's writing is going from strength to strength! Working incredibly hard in class and also Inspired by the Teaching Live sessions with Pie Corbett, they are enjoying every lesson! To read some more of their fantastic work, please visit our blogging page by clicking HERE.

Celebration Time!

After a very successful first term, the class celebrated with tea and cakes!

Short Burst Writing - The Archway

The children have made a fabulous start to the year with their short-burst writing task about The Archway. Lots of discussion and some super ideas!