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Welcome toBelmont Community Primary SchoolAchieving excellence, putting children first


Due to the restrictions necessary because of the Covid-19 virus, start and finish times for pupils will be staggered. Only one parent is allowed to drop off/pick up their child, at the allocated time and place as detailed below. 


Social distancing must be adhered to at all times during the drop off and pick up process.


We request that unless exempt, a face mask is worn

by parents/carers when dropping off or collecting their child.


Cars should not be parked on the zigzag markings on Harrowby Lane.


To avoid congestion on the pavement areas outside of school, we ask that parents/carers leave

the school site and its environs as promptly as possible.


  Start of Day End of Day
  Junior Gate Infant Gate Junior Gate Infant Gate
Year 6 8:45 am   3:20 pm  
Year 5 8:45 am   3:20 pm  
Year 4 8:50 am   3:15 pm  
Year 3 8:50 am   3:15 pm  
Year 2   8:45 am   3:10 pm
Year 1   8:50 am   3:10 pm
EYFS   8:55 am   3:05 pm



  • To avoid congestion, a one way system is in place for safe entry and exit to the school site at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Entry is by the main school gate on Harrowby Lane NOT the wooden gate from the car park.
  • Staff will be on duty in the playground from 8:45 am.
  • Children will then go through the Junior gate to line up on the playground with their teacher before going into the school. 
  • At the end of the day, collection will be from the Junior gate. We ask that parents/carers do not come up to the gate until the allocated time in order to prevent congestion and therefore risk.
  • Parents/carers should use the one way system after dropping off/collecting their children.



  • The Infant gate from Harrowby Lane will be opened at 8:45 am.
  • Parents and children from EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 will be allowed on the playground at that time.
  • The parents for each year group will have a designated bubble area marked out on the lower half of the playground.
  • School staff will be on duty on the playground from 8:45 am


These arrangements are so important if we are to maintain your and your children’s safety. The things that will jeopardise this safety most significantly are:


  • Arriving late for the allocated start time for your child
  • Arriving with/or allowing your child to arrive well before the allocated start time
  • Arriving late to pick up your child at the allocated time at the end of the school day


We would really appreciate your cooperation in avoiding the above scenarios.


Children using bikes and scooters to travel to school must make sure that they are not in contact with those of other pupils in the bike shelters.


All of the children will still be required to use hand sanitiser prior to entering/leaving the school site.