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Taruca 2020 - 2021

Wow! What a Year!

I am incredibly proud of everyone in Taruca who were so excited to perform their end of term play, ‘Wow! What A Year!’ at the end of term. Unfortunately, we were unable to invite parents to the performance this year, but this did not deter our talented class who thoroughly enjoyed showing off their acting and singing skills. The play is a look back at the pandemic and the impact of home schooling and supermarket shortages as well as honouring Captain Sir Tom Moore and thanking all those who helped us keep safe.

Fortunately we were able to film the children so their parents could view it via Teams, and photos can be found in the Gallery - please click HERE to go directly to it.

Learning How To Save LIVES

Children in Sambar and Taruca had the opportunity to learn some vital life-saving skills in two special workshops today. Led by representatives from the LIVES organisation, the children learned how to recognise when someone is in medical emergency, know how to get help and call 999, whilst gaining first aid skills and knowledge including the opportunity to practice CPR.

If you would like to find out more about LIVES, please click HERE.


We were very pleased to welcome the team from Outspoken Training who led pupils in Sambar and Taruca through their Bikeability course last week.


The course is offered to all of our children in those year groups as they are able to learn not only practical skills but also gain understanding of how to cycle on today’s busy roads - so important when many will be cycling to their new secondary schools in September.


To achieve their level 1 and 2 awards, the children started on the playground where they were able to show their ability to control their bike and listen carefully. Once the children were more confident, they moved to level 2 and onto the road, which gave them the opportunity to learn how to manoeuvre safely.


To find out more about Bikeability,  please click HERE.

Keeping Safe Online

Keeping ourselves safe online is so important, especially now when so much is having to be done via the internet. We had a great afternoon with Lincolnshire Stay Safe Officer, Neil Bontoft, via TEAMS where we talked about the things we like to do online and how to ensure we keep ourselves safe. I was impressed with how much the children knew, such as it is very important our passwords are strong and not easily guessed and that we are careful with what we share. Neil reminded us that some popular online games are for people much older, as are most social media sites such as TikTok and WhatsApp. 


The children had lots of ideas for what to do if they come across anything online that worries or upsets them and they were all encouraged to speak to a trusted adult whether that was someone at home, school or via Childline.


We had to celebrate Christmas a little differently this year, but we still had lots of fun! The class were very excited to continue the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree in the hall and proudly posed for photos! They were so excited to spot Santa in the school grounds and then speak to him via a Teams call during the last week of term! They also had great fun taking part in the Santa Dash, running and dancing round the playground to some great Christmas music. The last day of course, meant it was party time! After eating and playing games in our classroom, the whole school was able to take part in a special Christmas quiz that was devised and hosted by our class via Zoom! The joint winners were Elk and Barasingha with a magnificent 29/30!

Welcome To The Circus!

We have had great fun learning how to code using 2code on Purple Mash this term. You can see a super example of a program below.

Making Periscopes

This term we have also enjoyed exploring light in our science work. The children have enjoyed reflecting and refractining light and created their own periscopes placing the mirrors carefully inside so that we were able to see out of the top. We also learnt about the colour spectrum that Isaac Newton explored many years ago and made Newton wheels where, by spinning the colours together, they merged back to white.

Playground Leaders

Twelve children from the class have volunteered to be Playground Leaders this year. They completed their training with Jack from Inspire+ who taught them some safe, socially distanced games that proved to be great fun! They can't wait to share them on the playground!

The Ancient Greeks

What a fantastic start to the year Taruca have had! We have loved learning about the Ancient Greeks and created some wonderful clay pots whilst learning about the different time periods during the era of the Greeks.

We started this learning journey by using cake and chocolate to represent the different time periods. Focusing on a different time period each session we worked our way from the Bronze Age, where they used simple shapes in their designs, to the Hellenistic period, where 3D relief work was a key feature. The children used the designs and ideas they had seen from the different eras to create their own clay pot.