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Taruca 2022 - 2023

Wonderful Clay Work!

Our topic during term 1 has been about Ancient Greece. We have learnt about Ancient Greek pottery, the different eras and what pottery from that time would look like. The children have learnt some great clay skills and have created some wonderful clay pots inspired by Ancient Greek pottery.

Maths With Numicon

Learning about number can be challenging so to aid understanding, at Belmont we use Numicon which is a multisensory way of learning, meaning children learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Numicon are a system of flat, plastic shapes with holes in them. Each shape represents a number from one to 10 and each number has its own colour. When they're arranged in order, children can easily see connections between numbers. In class, we have been using them to help plot points on a straight line graph.


At the end of September some of our class stayed at Losehill Hall Youth Hostel in Castleton and were able to enjoy the wonderful countryside and fantastic facilities on offer. We did orienteering, archery, gem panning, candle making, walking, fire lighting and den building. We also visited Treak Clifff Cavern to see the Blue John stone. The children were brilliant and made us incredibly proud with their good manners, their can-do attitude and their team-work skills – which they used throughout the whole time we were there.=

Castleton Highlights

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