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This Year in Barasingha Class

TIn Foil Sculpture

During RE week, we have been learning about how thoughts and beliefs are expressed through art. We looked at the work of Charlie Macksey to inspire our own sculpture made out of foil. 

Harvest Celebration

Due to the restrictions placed upon us by Covid-19, our Harvest Celebration was a little different this year! The children in Impala and Barasingha recorded a very special video for their parents and carers. You can see an edited version in our Belmont Media section - please click HERE to go directly to the page.

Moving Mammoths D&T Day

We all really enjoyed creating our own moving mammoths for D&T day! First we learnt all about pneumatics and how we can use air to move things. After exploring this using syringes and objects, we planned our mammoth creation and decided which body part that we wanted to move. After lots of planning, experimenting and having a go, we could finally hold our finished project! We were so proud of our nodding mammoths that we created in our groups. Well done Barasingha!


We have been having some great football lessons this term! Here's some photos from our lesson focusing on aerial control.


We're very excited to be taking part in the TeachingLive.Net sessions with Pie Corbett each week! The children are incredibly focused and very proud that their work has been highlighted and praised by Pie himself. You can read some super examples below and on the TeachingLive.Net website where you can comment upon the children's work. You can also listen to audio recordings of their work on the Belmont Media section of this website - click HERE to go directly to it.