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This Year in Sambar Class

Mythical Beasts

Inspired by all the Greek myths and legends we had read in class, we created some gruesome mythical beasts out of clay! We used a “soft-slab” construction technique which uses slabs of clay that have been freshly rolled out and are still damp. These soft slabs can be formed into lovely, flowing structures that are often reminiscent of leather. They draped the clay over hump moulds to create repeatable forms, which allowed them to concentrate more on finishing the form with surface textures and decorations.

Science Circus!

We had a fabulous afternoon exploring the properties of light through one of our science circuses! This term in science we have been exploring the Earth, Sun and Moon and the properties of light. We have measured how shadows change over the course of the day and the reasons for this. Via the science circus, the children loved doing activities to explore and link their understanding of light to what was in front of them. 

Playground Leaders

Seventeen children from the class have volunteered to be Playground Leaders this year. They completed their training with Jack from Inspire+ who taught them some safe, socially distanced games that proved to be great fun! They can't wait to share them on the playground!

Exciting Writing!

This term we have been involved in an exciting writing project working with author and poet Pie Corbett. Each Thursday morning, we have been taking part in a Zoom lesson with Pie and children from 49 other schools around the country. We have written poems using similes, metaphors and personification. We have also learned the importance of choosing language carefully in order to create a picture in the reader’s mind. Our final “polished” pieces of writing are then then “blogged” on the Teaching Live website for anyone to read all over the world.
Children from other schools are able to read and comment on our writing and we have been lucky to be paired with children from a school in Chorley, Lancashire. Each week we read their writing and offer them supportive feedback. We say something positive, ask a question about the writing, and then suggest an improvement. We have enjoyed commenting on their work but have found it equally exciting to read their comments on our writing!

TeachingLive.Net Session

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We listen to a recording by Justas played on TeachingLive.Net!