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Welcome to Year 4 and the Barasingha class. We hope you have had a brilliant summer holiday and are ready to settle in to a new year. We are looking forward to getting to know and teach your children and we are very excited about moving forwards with them as independent and enthusiastic learners.


This term we will be looking at the Stone Age to the Iron Age; comparing their lifestyles to those of our own. Children will cover the topic across a range of subjects from writing to art. Our science topic this term focuses on rocks; looking at different types of rocks, how they are formed, as well as an opportunity to create a volcano in their home project.


Please ensure that your child has their P.E kit in school at all times as our lesson can alter days from time to time. P.E lessons can be indoors or outdoors, so please equip your child with suitable clothing for all conditions and ensure that this is named. As well as PE, Year 4 will be swimming first. It is an expectation that all children take part in this, so please ensure that your child has their swimming kit and money every Wednesday morning.


Finally, children are expected to complete homework regularly. As always, reading at home is vital. We urge all children to do this and ask you to comment in their reading diaries to show that this is happening. Alongside reading, there will be an emphasis on spellings, time- tables and an element of maths learning. Supporting children in these areas will facilitate their work in school.


If you have any concerns or anything you wish to discuss, please feel free to come in for a chat.


Thank you,

Emma Kemp and Kate Litten


September 2018


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Flag Fen

We had a wonderful time on our class trip to Flag Fen Archaeology Park near Peterborough which is home to a unique ancient wooden monument.  A kilometre long wooden causeway and platform are perfectly preserved in the wetland. Three thousand three hundred years ago this was built and used by the Prehistoric fen people as a place of worship and ritual. Sixty thousand upright timbers and two hundred and fifty horizontal planks are buried under the ground along with many swords and personal items given as offerings to the watery fen. It was a fabulous opportunity for us to discover what life was like for our prehistoric ancestors.


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Celebrating Harvest

I was so proud of the class when they, along with the children in Impala Class , led our Harvest celebration. We all had great fun learning the songs and the children worked wonderfully together to perform in front of their friends and family. Well done everyone!

Rocks and Volcanoes

We have made a great start to our study of rocks and volcanoes.

Our Class Display

One of our first tasks this term has been to create a display to represent our class name, Barasingha. The children used sletching pencils and echo drawings with patterns to create a fabulous Barasingha!

Picture 1

2017 - 2018

Keeping Safe On The Roads

It was lovely to welcome Sara Bartlett, the road safety advisor for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to Year 4 to talk to us about keeping safe on the roads. In particular we learnt how important it is for us to wear cycle helmets that fit correctly when riding our bikes. We did a super experiment where we put a helmet on an egg and then dropped it onto the floor. It cracked even though it was partially protected and we realised how hurt we could be if we bang our heads.

Cricket & Countryside Day

Children in Years 3 and 4 had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day out in the countryside on the Belvoir Castle Estate recently. Welcomed by their coaches: Darren, Rory, Neil and John, the children had a great morning improving their cricketing skills. After lunch in the pavilion the children took part in a range of activities. These included a bug hunt and having a go at orienteering.  A gamekeeper was also there to talk about the animals living in our local countryside and the children had the chance to see and touch some birds of prey.


Everyone would like to say thank you for letting us have a brilliant day!


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Wonderful Adventure Stories!

The children really have worked hard on their writing and have produced some wonderful adventure stories based upon 'The Sandy Cove'. Below you can hear a super excerpt from 'The Ugandan Life' by Bailey.

Excerpt from 'The Ugandan Life'

All About Dams

We have been learning about the importance of water and how the construction of dams affects the environment. By taking part in a 'conscience corridor' we have discussed the arguments for and against building them. You can see from the photos below how we discovered how dams work.

PSHE - Different Kinds Of Feelings

We had great fun using 'The Bear Cards' resource to talk about body language and different kinds of emotions. The children chose a bear to copy and we then guessed the emotion displayed.

Send A Cow

This term we are learning about life in Uganda and we were excited to welcome Phil from the charity 'Send a Cow' to talk about the aid that they provide. We learnt how the charity supports smallholder dairy farming, empowering Ugandan families to secure their own futures and helping them to lift themselves from poverty. We were very impressed with the children's insightful comments and questions and their empathy for those less fortunate than themselves. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

The Hungry Boy

I am really pleased by the work produced inspired by the poem The Hungry Boy. Using their knowledge of life in some parts of Uganda, the children have independently written their own poems which show great empathy for the character. You can see a beautifully presented example below.

Picture 1


We have been researching the Earth’s biomes, mapping where they are and finding out about their features. We then decided to create some biomes - desert, tundra, rainforest, grassland and ocean using bottles! You can see the fabulous results in the photo below!

Picture 1

Fairtrade Afternoon

It was lovely to see so many parents/carers at our Fairtrade Afternoon. The children have put in a huge amount of effort into their Fairtrade projects and were extremely proud to show them off! You can see some super examples below.


This term we have been learning about Fairtrade and we decided to make some super Smoothies using some of the wonderful ingredients available. Working in teams the children decided upon their ingredients, calculated the cost of their recipes and then made some very tasty drinks. Parents/carers had the opportunity to taste them at our Fairtrade Afternoon.

Science Week

We had a great time taking on the Bridge Building challenge during Science Week. Using only paper, paper clips and tape the children worked together to design and build a bridge capable of holding the weight of a car!

The Frozen Man

Still image for this video
Who could resist a refresher of Kit Wright's 'The Frozen Man' when it's snowing outside!

Fabulous Writing

Using our Talk for Writing techniques, the children have produced some lovely writing this term. Maisie has written a wonderful description of Lucy entering Narnia for the first time:

Lucy enters Narnia.

The Evacuee

I have been delighted by the writing produced on the topic of Evacuees. Emotive stories written by the class show real empathy for the children who were evacuated. You can read a fabulous example by Scarlett below:


Rose sank into the train seat feeling small inside and fearful of what her new family would be like. Her eyes started to hurt because all of the fields started to blur into one. They had been chugging along on the train for what seemed like an eternity. She thought to herself, “Will we ever get there?”


In addition, by talking a newspaper text type, 'Local Hero Wins Medal', Year Four have created some great pieces of historical writing.

Picture 1

Diwali Day

We were delighted to welcome Sunita from ‘The Indian Experience’ recently. We learnt lots about the Hindu religion as well as the country of India and created some beautiful artwork based on ‘Rangoli’ patterns, traditionally made to welcome people. We also had the chance to dress in traditional Indian dress and take part in some Bollywood style dancing- it was great fun!


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

World War II Day

I was really impressed by the outfits worn by the children on our World War II day. We had a fabulous time where the children role played being an evacuee; having to hide due to an air raid and then writing a letter home by candlelight. During the day, they made carrot cookies and had a go at 'make do and mend' - learning how to weave, sew on buttons and put patches on clothing. We also had a tasting session of some of the foods eaten during the war - not all of it very tasty! We then had the opportunity of looking at a real gas mask before making our own - quite tricky but they looked great! Thank you everyone at home for all of your support.


You can find more photos in the Gallery.


It was great to go back to Uganda this summer and see some familiar, and some new faces at Blessed Hope School. All the teachers and students send their greetings and I have even come back with some cards they have written to our school! The children are doing well; the late harvest means that they are now having 2 meals a day instead of 1 and they are so full of energy! Porridge in the morning and beans at lunch- can you imagine it? Here are some photos of the team I went with and the lovely people we met.

Picture 1
Picture 2


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