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The Use Of Photos/Videos On The Belmont Website/Social Media

The safety of our pupils is paramount at Belmont. We ensure that any photos or videos that are uploaded to the website/social media are selected carefully so their image cannot be misused.


The following guidelines are strictly adhered to:

  • We will only use photos/videos of pupils for whom parental consent has been given.
  • Full names of pupils will not be used anywhere on the school website/social media in association with photos/videos taken/created by pupils unless written permission has been given by the parent/carer.
  • A pupil's name will not be used in conjuction with his/her image.

Photos/Videos Taken At School Events - A Request To Parents And Carers

We welcome parents and carers to come into school to see the children take part in plays, concerts and sports during the school year. Obviously you wish to take photos or videos of your children to capture these magical moments.


We request that the photos and videos are used for personal use only and are not uploaded onto sites such as Facebook or YouTube.


As explained above,  we ask permission from all parents and carers before uploading photos or videos of pupils to our website.  We also ensure that children are not identified in any photos/videos that are uploaded.  However, some parents have requested that photos/videos of their children are not used.


Some people do not want their image online for personal or religious reasons. Some children, families and staff may have a complex family background which means that sharing their image online can have unforeseen consequences.


Unfortunately there could also be times when some children and adults may be at risk and MUST NOT have their image put online and not all members of the school community will know who they are.


We hope you will support our request in order to keep all members of the school community safe.

Belmont Blogs

This is an important and exciting part of our website which allows pupils, staff, parents and the wider community to communicate and collaborate on the learning and events taking place at Belmont.


The following guidelines are strictly adhered to:


• Permission slips must be completed by the parent before a child may be registered to use the blogging site.

• Children sign an agreement to confirm they will use blogging sensibly.

• First name of pupils is only to be used.

• All comments are moderated.

• All posted data conforms to copyright law.

• If it should come to the school’s attention that there is a resource that has been inadvertently uploaded, and the school does not have copyright permission to use that resource, it will be removed within one working day.