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All of the research evidence shows how important learning beyond the school day can be and we also know from our own experience how massive an impact it can have on a child’s overall progress and development.  We know also how keen parents and carers are to support their children at home.


Each year, we review the homework that is set throughout the school and notify parents/carers of the expectations for the  current academic year. Please click on the link below to see a copy of the information sent home for 2022 - 2023.


Some homework requires the use of websites for which children have been given logins. These websites and many more can be accessed via our Homework Websites page. The link can be found below. 


We really appreciate all of the support and encouragement that you give your child with their home learning. This additional practise and the consolidation of their learning in school is really important and can lead to them making even greater progress. Please do talk with your child’s class teacher if you have any questions about homework, either by using the Contact Form on the Class page or at the end of the school day.