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Mini Police

Eight pupils from Years 5 and 6 have been elected to take part in the Mini Police project led by Mrs Harrison. They work along side Lincolnshire Police with the aim of making a difference to our school and to our local community by being good citizens within the school environment and being helpful to other children. Some of their tasks during the year will be:


  • to encourage respect between all pupils
  • to help to find solutions to day to day issues or conflicts within the school
  • to pass on advice and information on topics such as road safety and anti-bullying, through assemblies, leaflets or posters.


During the project they will meet regularly with our local PCSO to learn how to communicate with a wide range of people in different ways and learn more about the values of tolerance, perseverance and respect. They will be given the opportunity to have a leading role in leading changes within our local area and will be encouraged to be role models for their peers. It is also hoped that the project will help break down barriers between children and the Police so that children will develop the confidence to approach and trust the Police.


To be considered for the role, candidates gave a 2 minute speech to the children in Key Stage 2, stating why they wanted the job and how they would help others. Following a secret ballot, 8 children were elected and were very proud and excited to sign their contract and try on their uniforms!